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Applications of Removable Bollards

Removable Bollards

Removable Bollards are of great usages as they are handy and easy to use. These bollards are majorly used at traffic sites for the free flowing of traffic and to demarcate the area for pedestrians. These bollards provide resistance towards unauthorized access of vehicles into pedestrian zones. These manually operated bollards are very fine and of huge demand. To provide for a general example of bollards The modern-day street scape projects are the ones to watch out for.

Know more about the removable bollards before you start the process of installation- 

Modern street festivals, shows, car exhibitions, fairs as well as the concept of outdoor dining has been instrumental in generating revenue of the locality overall.  These gestures put pedestrians at risk since there are chances of unauthorized vehicle incursion during these events.  Removable Bollards can be put into these places to protect civilian life as well as property. These bollards will keep the vehicles away while making room for people to enter the demarcated areas.

Importance of a Bollard- 

With the coming of the era of urbanization coupled with a fast-paced life avoiding collisions of vehicles with humans or structures and non- motorized vehicles have been a fast-developing concern. Protecting human beings from such self-made hazard has become a very important job for local as well as national administration in recent years.

The rate of deaths is toiling up every year owing to this problem. The figures are alarming and are forcing folds on the foreheads of big businesses as well as government administration units. These accidents are heading to havoc deaths risking the lives of various employees and furthers damaging buildings and all other sorts of security functions.

Initial solutions for preventing such accidents and increasing security measured were creating a concrete wall or building a gate or fencing around. With time and increase in the velocity of such accidents these measures have not been proved to be fully sufficient to prevent such occurrences.

These sorts of measures also increase chaos in movement as these do not allow the movement of pedestrians too.  These measures even prevent the flow of emergency vehicles, daily maintenance vehicles and all other designated deliveries.  In order to create a balance between security and flow of pedestrians as well as emergency needs Security Bollards are the first and foremost choice.

Removable Bollards
Removable Bollards

Uses of Removable Bollards- 

There are a host of ways in which these bollards are used. Let us go through some of them-

Convenient Security-

These removable bollards are very much different from other bollards at use because they are not installed for permanent usages. Once the project or requirement gets over these bollards can be moved from the place of requirement to another.

These bollards are completely detachable.  Once detached they only leave behind a covered ground sleeve which is not at all noticeable at once. It only gets noticeable after careful observation.  The process of installation is very easy, these removable bollards are placed on the ground sleeve and hence the installation gets completed. For instance, during Christmas, many roads, lanes and by lanes are closed due to visitors walking on the streets. The use of the right bollards help in preventing any unseen situation or accident, and walkers like children and old people can walk safely if the road is protected by bollards.

Useful in multiple locations- 

These Removable Bollards provide service to areas required on a temporary basis.  These structures are used in parking lots that tend to be partly or fully closed or as mentioned earlier in streetscapes where where pedestrians gather to celebrate or get along in certain events. The best thing about them is that they don’t serve as distractions from the landscape.

These bollards come along with different but easy to use locking mechanisms as per the requirement of security. In case of construction sites, a combination that includes permanent as well as removable bollards do enhance the security setup. Overall, these structures serve the purpose of optimal security system.


Removable Bollards gave gained a lot of momentum these days. People prefer these structures owing to its accessibility and mobility. If you have taken a building contract or any kind of contract for building a parking lot or garage, you can easily install the removable bollards to maintain the overall safety of a place.

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