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Reasons That Can Result In Blocked Drains

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The drains with clogs keep the homeowners clueless about the issues. It is when there is a requirement for plumbers who are experts and can solve problems at once. Therefore, it can be in the kitchens and toilets, and the clogs can keep life on hold.

You can always call a plumber and fix a blocked drain but, it’s the homeowners’ responsibility too. To do the maintenance properly so that frequent issues can be avoided. This required knowledge first. When you will know what causes blocked drains you can do whatever is possible from your end. So, read further for more details-

Common causes of blocked drains

1. Broken or burst pipe

A broken or burst pipe is a very common cause of blocked drains. When water is accumulated in the basin or is not passing properly through the outlet pipe, first check the pipe if is broken or not. The pipe can break due to regular wear and tear. If it is an old one it is more prone to damage. Some people have the habit of pouring hot water or leftover hot soup into the kitchen sink.

If the sink pipe is made out of plastic it will get damaged immediately. Moreover, another reason for pipe breakage is tree roots but it happens in the outside pipeline of the plumbing system. The broken piece of the pipe gets stuck in that area and as a result, water can’t pass through. These can be major issues that can stop the drainage system for days.

2. Hair clogging

Another general reason for the blocked drain is hair clogging. It is seen in the bathroom drain mostly. Hair falls while taking shower is a common problem all people have especially, women. Grease, oil, dust, and food remaining can be blocking the drains.  With this accumulated clog other waste materials also get stuck. Therefore, we get a blocked drain problem.

3. Non-flushable objects

People often throw non-flushable objects like plastic wrapping, bad quality sanitary pads, etc. to the toilet thinking that they will be cleared in a flash. But, as these things aren’t biodegradable or soluble in water, they don’t flash out. Thus, they get a blocked toilet drain.

4. Toiletries and shower dirt

Toilet paper and shower dirt are such materials that normally pass out through the drain but if the drain outlet is not clear enough, these things can also find difficult to go through it especially when there are materials like pieces of soap, etc. It is recommended to clean your bathroom drain at regular intervals to reduce the probability of getting blocked drains.

5. Grease build-up:

Grease build-up is mostly seen in the kitchen sink pipeline. Oil is used in cooking and sometimes the left-over oily gravy is poured into the sink, which is not a good thing but anyway, people frequently do that. The bad thing is after such incidents multiple times; gradually a grease build-up in the inner layer of the sink pipe can be seen. The grease can be stubborn in the kitchen sink to stop the flow of water.

 6. Sediment build-up:

Sediment build-up is another reason. It happens due to poor-quality water. In some parts of the earth where the percentage of the iron particle is more than natural, sediment buildup is a common thing. But if you don’t maintain or clean your plumbing system regularly sediment buildup can lead to a minute blocking problem to the next level. Moreover, this sediment is very hard to break.  Hence you need to be sure that you are cleaning the drain when the problem is under your control.

 7. Due to the storm and heavy rain:

Storms and heavy rain can also give you a blocked drain problem. After such natural calamities, you can see tree leaves or mud gets accumulated in your garden or backyard where you might have a drain outlet. They block that outer part of the drain and cause you inconvenience.


These are some common reasons for blocked drains. Homeowners can avoid them to a certain extent by taking regular care of the plumbing system. But when the problem is worst or even not timely maintenance from a professional plumber is a good practice that they should do.

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