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8 Swedish houses under 250,000 euros

8 Swedish houses under 250,000 euros


You have now received so much information about building a Swedish house that you would certainly like to see a few concrete application examples. Here are our eight most beautiful models for less than 250,000 euros. However, keep in mind that the prices for prefabricated houses can also change quickly, as they are also subject to fluctuations in the price of building materials. In order to obtain exact price information, it is best to contact the manufacturer directly.

1. Swedish house: house type Tunö from Fjorborg

On 84.6 square meters of living space, the company Fjorborg accommodates two bedrooms, an open living and dining area, a bathroom, a sauna, the kitchen and the utility room in their Swedish house type Tunö. The manufacturer states that around 1,759 euros must be calculated per square meter of living space. Prerequisite: The house is ordered from the manufacturer as an extension house. Builders who buy the wooden house as a kit and build the Swedish house can get their own home much cheaper: All walls, interior and exterior doors, all windows and the roof (saddle roof or purlin roof) are included for 1,176 euros per square meter of living space.


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