5 Types of Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Assistance

Employee assistance programs have recently earned a great reputation for taking care of employees’ mental and physical states. EAP became a part of the great community that works mainly to ease the stressful lives of working employees worldwide. EAP is beneficial for a company in all aspects of progress because employees are the people who are the gears of the company, and if they cannot work in a proper state of mind then how will the company proceed to success? EAP makes sure to overcome every possibility in his/her life that derails or depresses them down. A vast list of employee assistance programs providers you can select from, however here are the popular five types of EAPs running today. 

All One Health

As the times have evolved into intense modernism, many people feel left out because of a lack of consultancy in their life to upgrade themselves. All One Health EAP is popular for its basic specialties such as medical advocacy and organizational training and development. Other than these, All One focuses on counseling and incident responses as well. They help in clearing intrusive paths so employees can progress better and be carefree. All One has a successful online business depicting a percentage of 99% customer retention and response time under 7 seconds. The EAP program has over 4000 legit counselors that work to eradicate multiple health problems and life issues. 

Magellan Healthcare

The most qualified community of human resources is Magellan because of its 50% highly educated staff and over 90% of client retention online. EAP is their legalized work and their plus point is that they take care of multiple employee problems such as legal, finance, childcare, and eldercare too. The healthcare services they provide are essential for maintaining normal mental health for every employee respectively. The managers of the company have strategic and systematic guidelines to assist the employees in boosting their performance and concentration. Magellan takes care of everything there is to worry about so the employee can fully concentrate on his/her work. 

Lyra Health EAP

Most famous for its focus on mental health and coaching of the employees. Lyra community works for medication management, work-life balance services, and critical incident support in official places. They collaborate with companies and try their level best to assist employees out from traumas, depression, and anxieties, workload, and family problem stresses too. The list of services they provide cover up maximum health issues with the employee so they can easily cope up with their lives and work. Lyra’s services have special applications and online exercises that help cooperate with employees on a modern technique level.

Cascade Centers

Financial stress is cruel to the soul. Cascade Company makes sure to assist employees with coaching and counseling services that help in overcoming financial stresses. They make planners for Myloweslife employees to make things easier and fluent. As many people find it hard to discuss and elaborate their lives’ hurdles and slum seasons regarding money problems, Cascade Centers help in creating a secure atmosphere and gain the great trust of the employees as well. They offer home coaching and life programs and look forward to advice on the following sensitive topics

  • Advice of mortgages 
  • Finance navigations 
  • Cope with financial challenges 
  • Preparing youngsters for dealing with the right decisions in investments and more. 


In case of need, employers can rely on Ulliance EAP with all their heart. It is another most modern EAP program that serves great benefits for employees of every field. Other than their application and official website, they are known to be the Life Advisor EAP that assists employees to overcome bigger problems in lesser time. They provide sympathy, counseling, and calm behavior towards their employees so they can conduct face-to-face therapy sessions, give feedback on specialized portals online and support services as well. Alliance also works against abuse and bullying in the office perimeters. Highly professional in their field, they help employees gain their confidence to speak up. 

People worldwide are raising campaigns to protect the rights of employees that face mental health problems every day. Today, a great crowd of generations is facing health problems because there are fewer people to bug them up for taking their right to live in peace. EAPs and management companies have lent a helping hand and we should take it without hesitation.

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