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Sliding Gate or a Swing Gate-Which one is a better option?

Sliding Gate

Everybody has their own personal preferences and requirements according to which they can decide whether gates sliding or a swing gate is better to be installed in the house. Both of these have their own pros and cons after looking at which you can decide which one is suitable for you and will fit your needs.

Sliding gates consume a lesser amount of space than swing gates:

The prime advantage that the sliding gates have to offer is that they consume very little space whilst opening and closing. Since they are sliding so when they are opened they slide to the one side leaving enough space for the vehicle to pass through it. Usually, when swing gates are opening they move inwards the road or outward towards the road, taking up a lot of space and leaving very little space for the vehicle to pass through it. Sliding gates are extremely good for the houses which have a small driveway. On the other hand, if a driveway is big enough that even after swing gates take up a lot of space and even then the vehicle can conveniently pass through it then swing gates are also a pass.

The security provided by these gates:

Ideally, both of these gates, the sliding gates, and the swing gates provide the same level of security. Both of these gates have the option of being operated manually as well as automatically. If you are stuck on deciding between these gates because of security then keep in mind that both the swing gates and sliding gates provide the same level of security.

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Installation and maintenance of the gates:

When it comes to the installation and the maintenance then there is a huge difference in both of these gates. The installation of a sliding gate is usually more cost-effective than the swinging gate. Mainly because sliding gates have a more simple construction depending on whether a single or a double leaf gate is chosen. 

Now, when the maintenance is discussed then also the swing gates are a good option. They are very low maintenance especially when they are non-automated. Whereas on the other hand, sliding gates require regular maintenance of tracks to keep them free from dust so the functioning of the gates is not affected. But if you look at the installation cost and the installation time then definitely sliding gates are a decent choice.

Sliding gates are a modern choice of gates:

Swing gates have been known to men for quite some time now and were used in a lot of households. With time, sliding gates made an entry and the swing gates got out of the equation. Sliding gates are now considered a modern choice of gate and have the ability to completely change the look of the driveway. They give an overall chic and sophisticated look to the property.

One can choose from a great selection of options available in the market based on the space of the driveway and how much budget do you have. Other than that more or less both of these gates have the same to offer.

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