The 7 Highest-Paying Markets for Data Scientists

Data Scientists

Data science is embedded in our daily lives in many ways we may not even know about; from online purchases, our social networks, and the music we listen to, or even suggestions for movies shown to us online. For many years, data scientists have been considered the most demanding occupation of the 21st century. These days, it is common that data – the scientist is one of the most popular jobs in the country, and of course, the salary reflects that requirement.

However, a recent survey shows that data scientists get double salaries as compared to software developers for the same experience. Additionally, if obtained data science certification – so they are the best paid in the IT sector. With the rise of data, the demand for them in companies has increased rapidly. Especially after Covid-19, Data Science has seen an increased interest. On the other hand, there is enough demand in the market for the data scientists who would facilitate a salary increase of 55-100% when switching their jobs!

Data Scientists Highest-Paying Markets

Let’s start with the most prominent and most popular role.

Data – Analyst

Undoubtedly a concept that is somewhat familiar to you, they are accountable for processing great sums of data, then analyzing them for conclusions. However, it is something like working with industry-specific data, the job of data analysts is to facilitate decision-making by providing them with useful information. Thus, operative management of data, data analysis, and reporting of consequences are the most common tasks related to this role. Based on the salaries survey, the data analyst has an average annual salary of $ 55,864.

Data Scientist

From identifying the right data set to cleaning up the data and preparing it for analysis to collecting data for that analysis, data scientists bring the results of their findings to decision-makers. You may be wondering how that role differs. While data scientists specialize in math, statistics, and prediction to make better decisions, data – analysts specialize in tools and components for better analysis. According to the study, the average annual salary for data scientist today is $ 124,258.

Database Manager

They are the ones, who are highly trained in project management and multiple tasks, conduct detailed analysis and improvement of databases. They also review company data and data usage needs, evaluate data sources to improve data flow and assist in designing and installing storage hardware. Database manager jobs are a desirable qualification of an information technology bachelor and at least five years of database management. Database management applicants should also be familiar with much database software. According to Glassdoor, they earned an average of $ 73,595.

Data Engineer

Data engineers are an important measure of the staff in the organization and work with experts to ensure the existence of suitable data management structures. They are supposed to handle disordered big data and try to deliver data that can be used by other teams in the business. On the other hand, they shape analytical channels, as well as advance a collection of data collection processes. In many organizations, they are closely linked to the role of the data architect. However, the average median salary for them is $ 90,083.

Chief – Data – Officer

Countless organizations base their business on a database but do not manage it effectively; it is where the Chief – Data – Officer comes in. The one – who is responsible for executing the data, as well as targeted small business approaches. On the other side of the coin, the part of them is considering the best profitable and highest paid works in the market of data science. The average annual salary is about $ 192,812.

Data Architect

Data architects create a powerful data management plan for an organization. Their main task is to design data architecture and define how data is stored, used, and managed by the organizations in various applications and services. Because of these important responsibilities, the work of data architects works particularly well. According to the recent survey, the average annual employee earns $ 74,839, ranging from $ 57,964 to $ 91,685.

Data – Warehouse – Architect

It is a specialized data processing department for people who are passionate about managing an organization’s data systems. However, performing data warehouse architecture tasks requires a strong understanding of S-Q-L and other technical skills required – vary according to the specifications and requirements of the employers. However, the potential salary is $ 146,151.

A Career in Data Science

It is believed that individuals for a job in data science usually start with a background in computer science or basic sciences and are based on a master’s degree in information science, data analysis, or a related field. In these graduate courses, professionals learn key competencies in skills such as predictive analytics, statistical models, big data, data processing programs, business analytics, and decision making.

For example, the masters of Science is an interdisciplinary program that combines computing and engineering to provide learners with a comprehensive framework for data processing, modeling, and analysis. Otherwise, some students may find that the data science exam is better suited to their career goals. Learning data science teaches learners to use statistics, analytical technology, and business information to achieve specific goals.

Significance of Data Science

According to the studies, it shows that data science requires special training and skills. The recent survey report says there are no more than 150,550 data science experts in the United States. Since then, demand has been growing. It is therefore essential that data scientists adhere to a code of ethics and develop information science processes to protect themselves from malicious activity and gain general professionalism to maintain their reputation and credibility.

Furthermore, many companies try to take advantage of the acute job title “data scientist.” However, research shows that many organizations have diverse experts with little or no scientific training, extensive analytical training, or experience who have identified themselves as data scientists and have been exposed to countless threats.

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