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How To Make Your Android Smartphone Much Faster To Make It Last Longer?


Do you have an android smartphone that was very fast when you bought it? Now when it has been some time since you are using it, it has started to lag a lot making you frustrated. Well, you do not need to replace your phone with another one to solve the problem. You can follow some simple tips to make your phone faster and better.

Let us see one by one how you can achieve the smoothness and faster android user experience again.

Keep your system updated all the time

If you are an android user from the past some years, you know that android releases system updates from time to time to enhance the device’s experience and keep it updated with the latest technology. Make sure your phone is updated with the latest version available.

Go to Settings, then select System and System Updates. You can also navigate to System Settings to look for any software or system update available. If not, click on the option to download and install the latest update. You should know that the latest system update removes any bugs from the system.

Delete junk files and clear cache to make storage

You should think about deleting junk files from your phone. You can do it yourself from phone settings or install an application from Play store for this purpose. Junk files are those files that are temporarily taking up your phone’s space. Your phone can also show you all the duplicate photographs that might take too much space. Delete such photographs right away.

The cache is used by the application to speed up the loading speed. To delete the cache:

  • Go to your phone’s Settings.

  • Navigate to App Storage and click on mobile applications one by one.

  • Click on Clear Cache, and your work is done.

You can also include an SD Card to store multimedia files on your phone. This way, you can save your files that can also be transferred to your laptop or PC.

Remove unnecessary apps from phone

Do you have specific apps that you no longer use, and they are just consuming space? You might not know that these apps can slow down your phone. Go to App Settings and uninstall such apps. You can also delete the files of such apps to make more storage.

Sometimes, the android phone shows a warning message about Insufficient Storage. These techniques can help you out to make more storage to avoid making your phone slower.

Use Cloud Storage to free up internal storage

Thanks to technological advancement, you have an option to store your files in cloud storage such as Google Drive or Microsoft One Drive. This way, you can make more space in your phone’s internal memory and remain stress-free to lose any material in case of a Smartphone crash. You can access those files from your PC or laptop from anywhere and anytime.

Lite versions of Apps

Many apps like Facebook & Twitter are available in Lightweight versions that may help you save your storage and make your Smartphone fast. Such apps use only a fraction of the full resources of a standard app. Such a light version of apps is meant to work in slow internet connections such as 2G connections. Devices with low RAM storage work well with such apps that make them run faster.

Light Home Screen

Avoid using Live Wallpapers on the home screen that can easily make your phone much slower. Instead, use a static wallpaper. You can also try removing unnecessary widgets from your home screen. Keep your Brightness to automatic mode to let your Smartphone adjust to the surroundings and save your battery as well.

Last but not the least option if nothing works

If none of those mentioned above tips worked, then you can choose the option to Factory Reset your Smartphone. All you need to do is visit your Phone’s Settings, then go to System, followed by Reset and Erase all Data. Make sure you remove your SD Card before resetting your Smartphone as it will also erase data from the storage card. You might not want that, right? After resetting, enter your Google Account to restore everything from Apps to home screen and screensaver wallpaper on your phone. Thanks to smart technology, your phone will do everything on its own.

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In the Nutshell

You purchased a Smartphone after saving money from your salary to face the phone lagging problem after some time. You thought of using this android phone for the next few years. As soon as your phone becomes slow, you regretted your decision to purchase this phone. Your phone is not to be blamed here, my friend. Any User Interface can face problems in usage, and there are ways to resolve it without wasting any money. With such easy tips, make your Smartphone faster than ever.

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