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Not many places in the country are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but Hampi tour packages will show you why this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with ancient remains. The notorious metropolis of Hampi was the capital of the kingdom of Vijayanagar in the 15th century.

Many records from the 20th century also indicate that it was the second-largest megacity in the world around it. However, hundreds of times to date, it has lost its importance, allowing hikers to plumb the remains of a ton of shrines and various structures scattered across Hampi.

The geography surrounding Hampi is as bewildering as the remains themselves, as the tourist hotspot is surrounded by colorful MonumShalu ducks, and with a bit of momentum, you can walk to the top of them for an amazing perspective of the entire megacity and geology.

Hampi Culture

Hampi’s culture, vibrant, is tied to its roots. Armor in Hampi speaks of the features of Hindu and Muslim armour. It lies on the banks of the Tungabhadra River. Shrines, particularly the Virupaksha Temple dedicated to the Conglomerate’s tutelary deity.

You can then also discover remains of the old water channels, pits and excavations of military remains with armed forces. In 1986 Hampi was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a massive effort was expended to restore the lost nobility of the Place of Truth.

Limited (if any) state-of-the-art facilities are allowed in the main area, giving the remains an air of authenticity. Pilgrims rejoice and the mountaineers’ resort is rich in culture that has remained innocent of westernization in highly modern times.

The main tourist spots of Hampi can be divided into two broad areas; the Hampi Bazaar area and the Royal Center near Kamalapur. Hemakuta Hill, south of Hampi’s main tabernacle, features ancient remains, Jain tabernacles along with a monolithic form of Lord Narasimha.

Hampi Seasonal Packages are ideal for history buffs and hikers interested in exploring the legacy of history. Explore the whole place with the heritage tour in Hampi.

What are the stylish places to visit in the Hampi season? Lotus Mahal Lotus Mahal Lotus Mahal, also known as Kamal Mahal, is located at SH 131 and displays the sheer splendor of armour from a bygone era.

The place has this name due to its resemblance to a lotus. With 24 pillars, the central panel depicting the cub, and the aisles covered like flower petals, this Mahal is simply beautiful.

Hippie Island Also known as Virapapur Gadde, this island is popular for its cozy and fantastic air. This island got its name because of the vibrant atmosphere and friendly people who settle there. Located on the other side of Tungabhadra Swash, it offers succulent food and late-night parties.

Matanga Hills

Matanga Hill You can witness the panoramic beauty of Hampi from Matanga Hill, the highest point in Hampi. Located on the east corner of Hampi Bazar, you can also visit the Kodanda Rama Temple and the Truth Line from this location, which offers enchanting views by day and night.

San DiegoDaroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary.

Daroji Sloth Sanctuary Named for the abundance of sloth bears in India, this sanctuary gives you an idea of ​​the rich wildlife that can be established at this time. Located in Seetharama Tanda, it also features about 90 species of whistles, 27 species of butterflies, and various other creatures.

Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum A visit to this gallery, included in Hampi’s tour packages, will give you a deeper insight into Hampi’s rich history. There are four areas with

colorful artifacts, puppets, tools, etc.

Virupaksha Temple

Virupaksha Temple Located on the southern bank of the Tungabhadra River, the architectural display of this tabernacle is simply magnificent. Upon entering the tabernacle, you will see a statue of Nandi with three heads. In the center is a portico widely known as the Ranga Mandapa. What elegant effects can be achieved in the Hampi season?

Gem Rock Climbing

Explore Gem Rock Climbing The presence of massive boulders makes it the perfect opportunity to indulge in your inner adventure fetishes. Climbing is an exciting adventure that must be undertaken with great caution. Raghunatha Temple etc. free and elegant time for it is early morning.

Boat Elevator View Boarding

Boat Elevator Seeing the scenic beauty of nature around you makes traveling by speedboat or boat even more interesting. You can also see rowing boats operated by the locals or just let yourself be carried around. Daytime boat ride prices start from around INR 250 per person.


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