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Solid waste management is the proper segregation of the waste material and ensures that the entire waste passes through multiple units of recycling, reducing, and reusing. The final reduced material is sent to the sanitary landfills. 

Waste material collection, treatment, and disposal are collectively called waste management. However, improper solid waste disposal can create environmental pollution and make the environment unfit for survival. On top of this, it also enhances the chances of vector-borne diseases that spread through insects, rodents, and microbes.

The waste management task has so many complex challenges. They also possess a myriad of economic, administrative, and social problems that must be handled and managed. 

Waste Management In Urban And Rural Areas

Earlier, the waste material was just thrown into the open damp places near the roads and left for accumulation. But now, the technological approach has been implemented for waste management in urban and rural areas. In countries like the United States, watertight garbage cans were introduced to collect the waste material and transport it to dumping zones. 

As the advancement in the technology field continues, several waste management techniques exist, such as sanitary landfills, incineration, and many more. The strategies are designed in such a manner that helps to reduce the risk of environmental pollution and improves public health measures. 

In addition to this, many countries used different approaches for waste management and followed two categories to separate the hazardous and non-hazardous materials. The landfills and recycling methods are adopted for reducing the waste material. 

Special emphasis was given to reducing air pollution, land pollution, and water pollution to improve the quality. 

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What Are The Benefits Of Sustainable Waste Management? 

The entire process of the sustainable waste management includes the following steps: 

  • Collection of the waste materials 
  • Sorting the recyclable and non-recyclable material 
  • Treating and recycling the material 
  • Dumping 

Several developing countries, such as India and others, follow the same waste management process to sort out the pollution matter. The sustainable angle further adds value to reducing the impact of pollution on the environment. The waste management process is also helpful in reducing the emission of harmful gasses that cause global warming. Moreover, when we reduce the waste material, we cut the cost or produce eco-friendly products. 

Characteristics Of Waste Management

The characteristics of solid waste management may vary considerably between different nations and countries. However, in the majority of the countries, the majority of the waste management accounts for yard mixes, metals, leather, plastic, glass, wood, and many more. 

This is why the majority of the waste characteristics must be studied from a different community perspective. To top of this, different treatments and methodologies have been practiced to ensure proper disposal of the waste material. 

Collection And Transporting Of The Waste Material

The waste material collection plays a significant role in environmental safety and reduces the burden of management. Public and municipal employees have been assigned the task of waste management. Moreover, several waste material collection contracts were signed with the private companies to initiate the campaign at the international level. 

It is possible to load from the front, back, or side. The volume of waste in the truck is reduced to very little than 50% of its uncompressed volume through compaction.

Choosing the best collecting route is difficult, especially in big and heavily populated cities. An optimum route makes the most effective use of labor & equipment. Choosing one needs computer calculations that consider the various design elements in an extensive and complicated network.

Frequency of pickup, transportation distance, network conditions, and climate are all variables. Garbage collection in remote places can be particularly challenging due to low population density and high unit costs.

Garbage grinders or rubbish disposals can help minimize the quantity of garbage in a household’s trash. Because food waste decomposes quickly, refuse collection is normally done at least once a week. 

Garbage grinders or rubbish disposals can help minimize the quantity of garbage in a household’s trash. Ground waste adds to the burden on sewer systems, although this is typically manageable. Many towns now have source segregation and recycling systems, in which inhabitants separate recyclables from rubbish and deposit them in separate bins for pickup. Residents can also bring recyclables to drop-off centers in select towns.

Transfer Stations 

The transfer station is the final destination of waste management.Open-top trailers have a carrying capacity of 76 cubic miles.

In the storage machines, the solid waste is pushed and refused per day to reduce the quantity of the waste material. The containers are emptied into the storage pits. Once the waste material is collected, the waste will be treated to reduce the total volume needed to be disposed of. 

Different approaches used for treating the waste material are as follows: 

  1. Incineration  

Although it is a very effective means of lowering the volume and weight of solid trash, burning emits greenhouse gases.

  1. Composting 

Composting allows for the simultaneous digestion and recycling of waste and sewage sludge. This method is projected to become increasingly popular as more rigorous environmental regulations and site restrictions limit the use of solid-waste incineration and disposal alternatives. Sorting and segregating the waste, size reduction, and waste digestion are all processes.

  1. Recycling 

This method involves the recycling of the products that can be remolded into different designs.

The method is helpful to save a lot of energy and reduce the garbage to an extent. Moreover, you can also use the material for creating unique things. 

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