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Build dry wall: Beautify the garden

Build dry wall: Beautify the garden


If you have already sorted the stones by shape and size beforehand, you can start building the wall straight away. For the bottom row, use the widest stones. After the first layer has been laid, it is filled from behind with the excavated earth or sand. Always place the other stones on top of each other so that there is an incline of about 10 to 15 percent. This gives the wall more stability and the stones are not pushed outwards by the filled soil.

At ground level, you can already build in the first gaps for cavities that offer shelter for larger animals. Now place the next stones on top of each other row by row and gradually fill up the inside of the wall with earth or sand.

When placing the stones on top of each other, make sure that there are no cross joints. Staggered joints withstand the earth pressure better. Use a rubber mallet to tap each row into place. As a result, the individual stones no longer wobble and the earth and sand solidify.

Use the most beautiful stones for the wall crown. Although no special wall crown is required, it forms the upper end of the dry wall and can look good. Flat, even stones are suitable for this. Finally, cover the backfill with about 15 to 20 centimeters of topsoil

It is advisable to sometimes install longer stones in such a way that they go into the slope. In this way, the dry stone wall is interlocked with the slope and thus more stable overall.


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