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These trades are involved in building the house


First, the floor plan of the house is marked out, then the earthworks follow. This includes connecting the property to electricity, water and waste water supply and, depending on the type of heating, to district heating or gas networks, as well as digging the excavation pit. If you want to save costs, you don’t have to dispose of the excavated earth, but use it later when creating the garden.

As soon as the construction site has been set up, the three to four-month construction period of the shell construction phase begins, which accounts for around 40 percent of the costs and during which bricklayers, concrete workers, scaffolders, carpenters, roofers and plumbers are deployed on the construction site. Exactly how many weeks the craftsmen work on the construction site also depends, of course, on the weather and the size of the shell and the number of employees in the company.

Let’s start with the foundation of the house. Civil engineers and bricklayers are on duty for about two weeks if your dream house is to have a complete basement. A floor slab needs a shallower excavation, is poured quickly and dries within a few days. This is followed by the shell construction itself, i.e. the erection of the outer walls as well as the supporting and important inner walls, the connecting ceilings, the chimney and finally the construction of the roof structure by the carpenters. You should definitely crown this moment with a topping-out ceremony.

After the party, the roofers and plumbers get to work weatherproofing the house. They not only take care of the roofing and, if necessary, install skylights, but also attach rain gutters and solar systems. As soon as the shell of the building has been plastered from the outside, this construction phase ends and the trades on the construction site change again. Since applying the plaster to the outer walls can take around 200 hours of work for the craftsmen, the first work on the interior fittings is usually started parallel to the plastering work on the outside.


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