Proper Maintenance of The Fuel Injection System

Fuel Injector Cleaner

The term “fuel injection” is self-explanatory. It simply means that fuel is injected into the internal combustion engine of automobiles via an injector. Fuel injection is found in diesel engines and some spark ignitions also use the fuel injection system.

Fuel injection was introduced in petrol-driven engines in the 1950s and finally, in the 1990s they replaced the carburetors in the cars. Carburetors in cars were replaced because they depended on suction to get their engines accelerated while fuel injection worked on the principle that fuel was passed through a very tiny nozzle under extremely high pressure. The fuel is atomized in the process.

Role Of Fuel Injectors-

Fuel injection plays an important role in a car. They are important in so far, they control the time and the amount of fuel that is used in combustion during the power stroke phase. It ensures that combustion is optimum and highly efficient. So, if this important part of an engine is not maintained, the car owner could face a lot of problems while on the roads.

The Problems Faced With Failure In Efficient Fuel Combustion-

Mechanical issues, electrical problems, and blockage problems can become prominent if proper care is not taken. The blockage caused is due to the dirt that accumulates as a result of the clogging in the fuel injector. These could lead to the breakdown of the car.

Fuel Injection System
Fuel Injection System

What Are The Signals That Your Fuel Injector is Not Working?

Every part in a car will give you an alert if that certain part is on the verge of a breakdown.

Engine Light: When your engine light goes off, it is time to check your fuel injection device. It may have become dirty or clogged. If there is a problem with your fuel injector then it will allow very little or too much fuel to go inside for the combustion procedure.

Noise in the Engine: When the noise of your engine sounds a bit different from the normal times, then it is another sign that your fuel injection device may have gone wrong. It is time you took your car to a mechanic to get a thorough check-up done. Even a misfiring engine is another cause for you to worry. Even a delayed response after pressing the accelerator is another sign that is warning you to check your fuel injector.

Smell: Be alert while you are driving your car. If you get the smell of fuel in your vehicle then something might be wrong with your fuel injection device. It means that fuel is leaking and it is time for you to take note. Thus, you can see now that fuel injectors are one of the vital parts of a car.

Misfiring: If your car’s engine is constantly taking false start for many days, it could be a sign of something is wrong with the fuel injection. Therefore, make a thorough check.

Varieties Of Fuel Injection Systems-

Without fuel, a car will not run even a small distance and this fuel is supplied to the engine by the fuel injection system. There are many types of fuel injection systems on which cars run. They are:

  • Throttle-body injection
  • Port injection
  • Sequential fuel injection
  • Direct injection

Selecting The Best Fuel Injector-

While zeroing down on a fuel injection system for your car, it is always best to choose the most high-end ones that will give you better service. There is no point in compromising with the quality as that is a very vital part of your car. If you have a fuel injection system that is of superior quality then it will last you quite some time provided you take good care of it and do regular maintenance work.

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