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Four Reasons Why Renting Can Be Better Than Buying A Car

Not all of us use our car on a daily basis, and it can be common for people to have a vehicle which sits on the driveway or in a garage for weeks at a time. That’s why renting a car can be such an attractive option, and there are many reasons why this can work for people who just need a car now and again.

Rent a Car
Rent a Car

Here are just a few of the ways that renting a car can help save you cash in the long term.

1. You save on tax and insurance

Even if a car is parked in a garage and out of use, it can still cost you on a day to day basis. For example, in the UK you have to pay tax and insurance for all vehicles, whether you drive them daily or not, and therefore you are losing money even if they just sit in your driveway. When it comes to rental cars, you don’t need to worry about things like tax, and insurance is offered for the period you are using the car, allowing you to only pay on days when you need to drive.

2. You have choices on how to pay for fuel

Pay for Fuel
Pay for Fuel

Most car rental firms have many different options to allow you to pay for fuel, so make sure you read your terms and conditions or ask before you drive away. However, these can save you money, allowing you to only pay for the fuel you use.

Options usually include:

• Paying for fuel up front – often at a cheaper rate • Paying for fuel used when you return the car • Bringing the car back full • Being able to ask for a half or quarter tank for short journeys

It depends on how far you plan to drive, as well as the fuel costs in the local area and your destination, and with this kind of flexibility it’s so much easier to save money.

3. You get to try different vehicles

try different vehicles
Try Different Vehicles

If you are planning to buy a new car in the future and want to try it out first, then a personal car lease can be much more effective than the dealership’s short test drive. Most car rental places have a large stock of cars of different makes and models, and if you give them a call they can often ensure you get the particular vehicle that you’re after.

Another benefit of having different cars available at your disposal is that you can hire a different size vehicle when you need it. With the average engine size going down, some people need a bigger, more powerful car now and again, and it’s easy to rent a performance car or even a van. Similarly, if you often drive alone or prefer a smaller vehicle, then it’s easy to get a compact car so that you’re not stuck parking something larger.

4. You can pick a car up at short notice

If you have flown abroad, or perhaps taken a train somewhere, and suddenly find yourself without a way to get around then it’s easy to pick up a rental car. It means that you don’t need to drive a long distance for a business trip or holiday, and yet still get the convenience of your own car at the other end.

Most airports and many major train stations now have car rental desks, so it’s easy to pick up a car when you need it, and you can often drop it off at a different location too which gives you the ultimate in flexibility for your journey.

Owning your own car is a lot of responsibility, not to mention expense, and recent studies have shown that the cost of running a car is on the rise. That’s why many drivers choose to simply rent a car as and when they need it, and with so many flexible options this can often work out much easier for them, as well as saving them cash. If you are considering selling your car because you hardly use it, then renting could be an ideal solution, allowing you to only pay for the days you need to drive and saving you money.

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