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What Are the Basics of a Crane On A Construction Site?


As soon as there is construction commencing at any given site, we see a lot of different machines that are working efficiently. Crane hire is one of those services that you will see on every construction project whether small scale or large. With various buildings and structures bring into being every corner of the road, you will see a crane standing tall.

Crane Hire
Crane Hire

What Are Cranes?

By classification, a crane is a machine that carries several heavy materials, loads, and machines that are required to be moved from one to place to another or to great heights. A construction site needs a lot of raw materials and goods to build and complete the structure. Apart from construction industry you will find these cranes in shipbuilding, loading, and manufacturing industry among others.

What Are the Basic Features of A Crane?

There are skilled operators for crane hire who are trained to operate such heavy machinery. While they need to have some knowledge about cranes, however eve you should be aware of some of the features of the crane. This help makes their job much easier:

  • Lifting capacity which includes weight and height it can take up to
  • It has the feature of speeding up the extension
  • There is a control station that provides a platform to gain mechanism
  • Smooth loading
  • Smooth Descent Value or SDV that gives a balance and reduces oscillation
  • Design is completely functional and provides a functional build
  • Stabilizers that provide easy rotation without the load falling off

Types of Cranes

You may not know this, but cranes have been used for hundreds of years. They may not have been as technologically advanced, but they still managed to create the old and pretty buildings that we all love. Over the years, there are many uses of cranes that were established. With every upgrade, new types of cranes have been made to suit the needs. Hence below mentioned are some examples:

Crane Hire
Crane Hire
  • Carry deck crane – for loading and unloading purposes
  • Crawler Crane – tracks are replaced over wheels and work best when the surface is uneven
  • Floating Crane – perfect for anything related to sea construction
  • Truck-mounted Crane – it has the features of a crane attached to the truck so they can move through the highway.
  • Bridge/Overhead Crane – it is an overhead crane that is mostly found in industrial construction sites. It is the most stable form of crane hire.
  • Bulk-handling Crane – this type is found easily in coal mines, etc. they need these types of cranes for loading and unloading coal and metals.
  • Hammerhead Crane – this type of crane hire can be used for its ability to move its trolley back and forth. Thus, it saves space, time, and effort.
  • Telescopic Crane – this is the most versatile kind of crane which has a hanging system. This is particularly helpful in mobile construction sectors.
  • Tower Crane – they stand tall and carry a lot of weight without any problem. They are mostly used in building large constructions.
  • Stacker Crane – another crane hire that is mostly used for mobility and loading. It also has forklift-like features and helps in getting cargo from warehouses.


If you are looking for cranes hire services, then you should go to professional manufactures. They have been building cranes for a long time. Nonetheless, for your best benefit, make sure that you do proper research and background check. For the best crane, hire professional businesses that have good references. Hence make sure you only choose the best of the best.

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