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How To Maintain The Motorcycle Brake Calliper Seal?

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Motorcycle Brake Calliper Seal is the function of piston seal which is used for stopping the brake fluid from leaking out of the calliper. The function of the piston seal is to pull the piston back and release the brakes. When the brake calliper seal is not working properly then the brake fluid under pressure forces the piston to slide out of the calliper.

Cleaning of the bores:

Take the pistons out of the calliper and then start cleaning the bores. You will notice that a lot of dirt and debris would be stuck inside the bore. Take a piece of cloth and clean inside the bores. Typically, a lot of dust might have been accumulated in the bore so you might as well unscrew the motorcycle brake seal calliper and then with the help of an ordinary brake cleaner and a little compressed air, clean everything out.

Cleaning the side pins:

The brake seal calliper is maintained by removing the seal and cleaning all the gunk out by cleaning the fluid pathways and the seal seats.  This process seems easy but is exactly not. If you are facing a problem with the brake calliper seal of your motorcycle then make sure that you are getting it maintained by a mechanic because you can definitely not do this process all by yourself.

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Lubrication of the side pins:

Just cleaning the brake seals is not enough, you have to lubricate them also. Do not apply silicone on the seal as it will contaminate the fluid and you don’t want your fluid to get contaminated. The correct fluid which is used for the brake parts is the brake parts assembly lube which is a bit difficult to find. Replacing of the seal callipers:

Typically, maintenance or servicing is the time when the brake seal callipers can be replaced as well if they are in a bad condition. What happens is that if you are getting your motorcycle brake calliper seal replacement services after a long time then sometimes even maintenance won’t make a difference because they might be completely worn out and might need a replacement.

Because when brake callipers are not maintained they may cause the leaking of the brake fluid which can stick to the brake and cause brake failure or uneven braking characteristics. When this is happening then it is a clear sign which is indicating that you need to get your callipers substituted.

These are just some of the basic steps which need to get done for the maintenance of your motorcycle brake calliper seal. This technique can be used at home as well for cleaning your brake seal. You just need to have the right tools for the opening of the brake seal calliper and a bit of knowledge about how to do it. If you have time then maybe watch a YouTube video as well to get a better understanding of the whole process. Otherwise, take your motorbike to the mechanic and they will carry out the services for you.

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