Independent Mechanic vs. Dealership – Who Should You Hire for Car Repair?

Car service

When you own or lease a car for some weeks, you have to get the car serviced and repaired at times. You might wonder whether it is better to opt for an independent mechanic or a dealership. Mechanic and better services are regarded as important, when it comes to having cars that can run and function well. Independent Mechanic

Generally, they work from smaller garages. But you should not let this be a bother for you. There is no such thing that independent mechanic lacks proper resources for a car repair only because they work from a smaller place. Hiring independent mechanics help to repair the cars anytime whenever there is a problem in a car. There are also more affordable options to be found with independent mechanic. In case there is a need to replace a part of your vehicle, only OEM (original equipment manufacturer) components are used by car dealerships. Such components are costlier, but tend to work similar to a generic substitute. Independent repairman might even recommend reconstruction of components at much more reasonable prices as compared to new parts. They can offer the same results at lower rates. This is why many car owners like to opt for independent shops or mechanics instead of dealerships.

Some of the advantages of hiring independent repairmen are:

  • Personalized customer service
  • More reasonably priced component options and
  • Ability to work on cars of all models and makes.

They have many of the same tools and skills as a mechanic in dealership. However, there will be limited options in case you own an exotic, specialty or foreign car.

Car Dealerships

They can work at a large scale. These dealerships have technicians who are factory-trained, and tend to service many vehicles every month. In dealership service centers car mechanics expertise in different fields and sections from electrical, body parts to engines. Car dealerships have multiple staffs, which is another advantage. In case you feel uncomfortable to talk with a repairman who might take advantage of your lack of as much as knowledge of cars as him, you can find car dealerships a better option. These have amiable service advisors who you can discuss your particular requirements with.

Other than this, dealerships also specialize in almost every car model that comes from the manufacturer of the vehicle that you own. Thus, you can trust on them more about knowing your specific car model more thoroughly. Many of the parts are also sourced directly from the manufacturer by Car dealerships, which can reduce worries about performance and fit. In case your vehicle is still covered under a factory warranty and needs servicing, an authorized dealer is who you need to approach for the servicing to be done.

However, for all the advantages that they offer, car dealerships tend to charge more for their services. As they have a compact package for any kind of car models and provide a complete and excellent service to the car owners.


When it comes to the debate on whether independent repairman or a car dealership is better, it is not easy to answer in black or white. If you are the owner of a regular car and wish to save some money on the services, you would probably find an independent mechanic to be a better option. On the other hand, if you own an exotic car, a car dealership – which assures a superior level of customer care – can be the best choice for you! Ultimately, it depends on what kind of option you are more comfortable with and what your specific needs are.

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