Restaurant Cleaning Guide- 4 Tips For Maintaining A Hygienic Restaurant


According to the report that World Health Organization released, restaurants are now allowed to serve food to their customers indoors as well. Previously only outdoor dining was allowed due to the Covid pandemic situation but since people are getting vaccinated, the pandemic is settling down a bit.

Though, let’s not forget that it is not completely gone. And there are still certain precautions that restaurant owners have to consider whilst restaurant cleaning in Croydon.

In this article, you are going to get a complete guide on what steps you can take for keeping it within the hygienic levels that are considered to be safe by WHO.

1.      Have necessary cleaning supplies:

You are a restaurant, basically, a public property and all types of people tend to come to public property. You cannot stop anyone and you never know that they might be infected with some kind of dangerous virus and disease. If we consider the current situations then they can be affected with the Covid-virus as well. For this, you need cleaning supplies for not only cleaning but for also disinfecting the places which customers touch.

2.      Adopting sterilization methods in the kitchen:

The kitchen is the place where all the food is cooked therefore this place needs extra sterilization methods for keeping it clean and maintaining hygiene. There are some surfaces such as the panhandles, oven gauges, microwave buttons, and fridge handles that are frequently touched by the staff members. Hence these surfaces should be wiped down before and after the meal prep of every customer’s orders. Also, the regularly used items such as the sponges and the scrubbing pads should be replaced every night after the last shift.

3.      Bussing the tables:

There should be frequent bussing of tables after every meal course. In a restaurant, the customers do not want to look at their used utensils whilst they are waiting for the next course to arrive. The busboy or the busgirl should quickly clear up the dishes and wipe down the table. This will just not increase the hygiene standards but it will also give a sense of professionalism about the restaurant to the customer.

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4.      Wiping down soda dispenser fountain nozzles:

Soda fountain dispenser nozzles are one of the most used and the most neglected things, in terms of cleaning, in the whole restaurant. It does not matter that whether the customers fill their drinks by themselves or the employees do it on their own. The dispenser nozzles from where the drinks come out can get dirty very quickly. Since the drinks are basically a sugar solution. Hence they can become a medium of growth for all sorts of organisms. So, the nozzles need to be removed from the diffuser. And then for cleaning, soak it in a chlorine-based sanitiser for at least 3 minutes.

The above-mentioned 4 steps are just some basic techniques which should be followed for keeping a restaurant clean. Other than that cleaning a lot of things is neglected such as the menus, can openers, etc. It is the responsibility of the restaurant staff for keeping all the things related to restaurant cleaning into consideration.

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