Which Tree Grow Faster (Top 10 Fastest-Growing trees)

Tree Grow

We need to start appreciating nature a bit more as they have gifted us trees as a blessing to mankind. Tree along with providing oxygen, also provide fruits to animals & men. Trees beautify our world & also make sure that the environment we live in is safe.

They also protect us from soil erosion & pollution’s harmful effect. Additionally, it purifies the air, decreases carbon footprints & does many more important things. Trees are very helpful in providing cool air during spring & shade during the summer.

Trees are not only a living structure but a world in itself. People have been continuously destroying nature for their economic benefit by forgetting the importance of trees which we will regret soon. Fortunately, it is not too late & we can still do something to prevent our planet from being dry & destroyed for our upcoming generations.

One of the best methods to rejuvenate earth is to plant more & more trees. Want to know which tree grow faster? Having carried out several project on tree plantation to make our planet green again, Below we are listing the top 10 fastest growing trees in India:

Table of Content:

1) Jamun Tree

2) Karanja Tree

3) Papaya Tree

4) Drum Stick Tree

5) Almond tree

6) Kapok Tree

7) Indian Wild Cherry Tree

8) Teak Tree

9) Amrood Tree

10) Mahua Tree

1) Jamun tree

The structure of the Jamun tree is very tall, growing 30-35 feet in height. This tree can be grown easily & is known to grow at a very fast rate. The fruit which this tree provides is loved & consumed worldwide. Jamun trees are known to have various health benefits & are used for the treatment of various disorders like blood pressure, diabetes, etc. This tree has a life expectancy of 100 years or even more. Tree bark’s upper part is greyish & very smooth while the base has dark grey color & is rough. This tree has water-resistant wood & its leaves are like turpentine having a soothing aroma.

2) Karanja tree

This tree is amongst the fastest-growing species in India. This tree is consumed extensively due to the amount of oil its seeds generate. Biofuel is made using the extracted oil. This tree can grow up to 15-25 meters in height & looks absolutely stunning in full bloom. Its flowers are lavender, pink & white in color. This tree can cope well with extreme temperatures & a low amount of water.

3) Papaya tree

One of the most loving trees, the Papaya tree has a short lifespan but is known to grow at a quick rate. It has a single trunk & can grow up to 10 to 15 feet in height. The fruit that it provides has a sweet & juicy taste which is consumed in many Indian households. Its fruits are also to make various sweet & food dishes.

4) Drum stick tree (Moringa)

This tree is also known as the horseradish tree. This tree has various medicinal values & therefore it is used in various ayurvedic medicines. Moringa tree is easy to grow & can grow very fast. This tree does well even in poor soil conditions if watered generously & can grow up to 30-40 feet. This tree provides fruits that are cooked before consumption. The southern part of India uses its leaves to make a paste used in making various powders.

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5) Almond tree

The Almond tree is one of the oldest trees which provides almond fruit. This tree is capable of growing very fast & is the part of Rosaceae family. This tree grows up to a height of 15 to 20 feet. The fruit that it provides is full of protein, fiber & other essential nutrition. It is the first fruit that grows in the winter and has deciduous nature known to keep the land surrounding it cool

6) Kapok tree

This tree is known to have a fast growth rate in Indian temperatures & can reach up to a height of 200 feet. This tree is mostly found in the Indian rainforest area & can do well even in salty soil. The wood of this tree is very sturdy & hence it is used for making coffins. Its leaves have an evergreen nature & form a canopy. this tree is cultivated for its wood, floss & fiber.

7) Indian wild cherry tree

This tree does well in the soil that is fertile & moist & is amongst the fastest-growing ones. It does well even when directly exposed to sunlight & tends to grow 50 ft in height. The bark of this tree has medicinal properties known to cure respiratory disorders & is also used as sedatives. Its also a good source of vitamin C.

8) Teak tree

This tree holds some medicinal values know to cure various stomach diseases & can live up to 200 years or more. This hardwood deciduous tree originates from mixed rain forests. People all across India have been using this tree for 2000 years. This tree seldomly rots due to its high oil content. The wood of this tree is also used in making furniture & various tools.

9) Amrood tree

This tree provides a fruit which is loved worldwide known as “Guava”. This fruit is available all year round & almost everywhere in India. This tree can be grown & maintained very easily and is known to grow up to 30 feet in height. This tree does well in soil that is well-drained & fertile & is commonly grown in backyards. You can easily recognize this tree from its thin, smooth & copper-colored bark. This tree also adds to the visuals as it is a flower-growing tree.

10) Mahua tree

This does well in sandy soil & is known to grow up to 200 meters in height Due to its nature it is mostly seen in north India’s arid regions. Its seeds provide an oil that is used for cooking. Flowers bloomed by this tree are very useful as it contains various minerals, vitamins & calcium. Initially, the leaves appear to be dusky pinks which then turn into midnight green. Pharmaceutical industries consider this tree as a boon due to its various medicinal properties.

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