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7 Tips for Retrofitting Your Kitchen

Retrofitting kitchen

If your kitchen happens to be looking tired and in need of a refit, why not look to the past for inspiration rather than the future? Somewhat ironically, a retro-kitchen need not necessarily look out-dated if you make use of a few very simple decorating tricks.

Money Saving

When giving your kitchen that much sought after retro feel, it should be entirely possible to recycle a few bits and pieces and make use off whatever useful objects that you might happen to find. In the following list we will be examining a few money saving ways to achieve a retro-look for your kitchen that does not end up costing the earth:

New Kitchen
Retrofitting Your Kitchen

1. Bright & Cheerful

Probably the first and most effective means of transforming your kitchen would be to add a few eye-scathingly attractive color combinations. If inspiration is what you require, take a tour around your local charity shops. In no time at all, you should find yourself loaded up with a range of pots, jars and Bakelite objects with which to adorn your kitchen. A judicious lick of paint or the careful use of appropriately decorative wallpaper could help to bring the whole look together.

2. Open Storage Display

If you are lucky enough to possess glass cabinet display units in your kitchen, make the very most of them to display attractive plates and Pyrex bowls that you might already have. Once more, a good search around the charity shops in your area might be required. Garage sales, thrift shops and antique malls could also be made good use of. If you do not have glass fronted display cabinets then simply mount a few shelves on which to show off your retro acquisitions.

3. Replace Handles & Knobs

A quick and simple trick to achieve a retro look in your kitchen would be the replacement of any modern handles and knobs on your cabinets. A few tasteful pieces from the past or even tarnished silver or gold handles could make a huge difference to the look and feel of your kitchen.

4. Distress for Success

The truly great thing about creating a retro look in any kitchen is that you do not need to be precious or fussy. Worn furnishings, fittings and utensils will fit right in with the look and feel that you are striving to achieve. If your pine table and chairs still look showroom fresh give them a spot of distressing with a piece of sandpaper. Any scratches, dents or chips that might already exist could prove to be a great source of character and charm.

5. Appliances

Retrofitting Your Kitchen

It is not really always necessary to go to the expense of replacing relatively modern appliances with retro versions. However, should you wish to replace your modern cooker with something a little more appropriate to the overall look that you are going for, the selection of range cookers at any AEG showroom could prove to be a source of great inspiration.

6. Retro Mixtures

Do not be afraid to mix and match your kitchen utensils and cutlery. A collection of items from two different decades and of various styles would give your kitchen a unique and individual identity. However, do not make the mistake of trying to cover too many different decades. If a fifties look is what you happen to be after, utensils and appliances from the thirties or seventies would almost certainly look wildly out of whack.

7. Functional Items

When buying items and appliances from charity and thrift shops, try to ensure that they are fully functional and up to the purpose. It might occasionally prove to be more cost effective to go for the modern option with a retro look than to pay out for an original item that is not up to the task.


If, like most of us, you happen to be counting the pennies, giving your kitchen a retro makeover could prove to be much simpler and cheaper than you might have imagined. By making use of what you already have and by carefully selecting functional appliances and items from charity and thrift shops, you could succeed in achieving a retro look for your kitchen without spending a fortune.

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