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Among all Ikea beds , it is the ultimate classic: the Ikea  Malm bed . Such a model can be found in most German bedrooms with Swedish interiors, because its simple design means it can be combined in any way and, above all, is inexpensive.

Some time ago the Ikea top runner was changed and a few new additions were made. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the new “Malm bed series in high” and show a few differences to the low version, which has since been banned from the Ikea range.

So the height of the Ikea Malm bed has changed

While the old Malm bed was rather unsuitable for additional storage space due to its low construction and the relatively small free space of 12.5 cm under the bed , the new Ikea bed now provides a remedy. The 8 cm higher Malm bed has a floor clearance of 22 cm and thus creates enough storage space to accommodate flat boxes and boxes to stow a wide variety of things. This almost doubles the possible storage space under the bed.

So that the space under the bed can be used optimally, Ikea also offers its own solution in the form of a rolling bed box . Although this looks like a drawer, it is not connected to the bed frame and can be completely removed from the bed, with or without its contents.

This mobile bed box can be bought together with the Ikea bed or retrofitted individually , with no difference in price. Two drawer boxes, regardless of the color (white, black-brown or white varnished oak), cost 50 euros together. The internal dimensions of the drawer surface are 96.5 x 59 cm and offer enough space to store bed linen, towels or winter jackets.

The different versions of the Malm bed

The single bed version of the Ikea bed (width x length: 106 x 209 cm / lying area 90 x 200 cm) is only available in white and black-brown. The best frame alone costs 129 euros, regardless of the color. With the cheapest wooden spring frame Luröy, it would cost just 141 euros and thus has a very good price-performance ratio . There is no difference in price whether you buy the bed in combination with the slatted frame or both separately.

Even if it is known that Ikea, as with the lacquer table and the Kallax shelf, uses wooden parts with a honeycomb structure for the Malm bed , the bed still makes a solid and stable impression .

If you only decide later to use the free space under the bed as storage space, you have the option of buying matching bed boxes afterwards. The single bed offers space for two of the drawer bed boxes offered by Ikea .

If you need more space in your bed or want to sleep in it for two, the Malm bed can be obtained in three other versions : 159 x 209 cm (lying area 140 x 200 cm / French bed), 176 x 209 cm (lying area 160 x 200 cm) or 206 x 196 cm (lying area 180 x 200 cm).

In addition to the decor colors white and black-brown, these bed sizes are also available in oak veneer (white glazed), although there is no price difference between the colors here either. The cheapest combination among the larger Malm beds is the bed frame with the lying surface dimensions 140 x 200 cm together with the slatted frame Luröy (in 2-fold 70 x 200 cm version) for a total of 173 euros.

A total of 4 bed boxes can be placed under the larger Malm beds described abovecan be accommodated, whereby the storage space is doubled. The great advantage of the accompanying bed boxes is the ideal integration into the bed frame, which is not only noticeable visually, but also hygienically. Because of the precisely fitting shape, dust bunnies and dust fluff have no chance of setting up their living space under the bed.

The Ikea Malm bed with storage box

Ikea Malm bed with foldable bed frame – source: Ikea furniture store Braunschweig

The term Malm bed frame with storage is a bed with integrated storage space . You don’t need any additional bed boxes, because the bed frame itself is the storage space . The slatted frame and mattress can be lifted like a trunk lid and thus open the entire bed box . The pivot point of this folding mechanism is chosen so that the mattress is not squeezed against the headboard of the bed, but is lowered neatly downwards. The storage space underneath can be used in its entire size.

The advantage over the bed box variant described above is obvious. The bed frame, which is closed all around, prevents dirt from collecting under the bed frame. Practical for all grouches 😉 At 349 euros in the smallest design with a bed area of ​​140 x 200 cm, this variant costs 100 euros more than the comparable variant with 4 drawers. However, the slatted frame, which has to be bought with other Malm beds, is already included in the total price for this variant, because it is firmly connected to the bed frame by the folding mechanism .

If you want to put additional boxes in the bed box despite the folding mechanism (otherwise the things would lie directly on the floor), you have to buy appropriate storage containers . As with the single bed, the bed frame with storage is only available in white and black-brown.

Our conclusion on the new Ikea Malm bed

If you are looking for a cheap bed with a storage option, the Malm bed from Ikea is a good solution. Whether small, large, with or without bed boxes – everyone can configure the Malm bed according to their ideas.

With the bed box variant, it is particularly smart that you don’t have to decide on additional bed boxes when buying , but can buy them later. Even if you don’t use bed boxes, you still have the option of storing storage containers sensibly underneath, which was only possible to a very limited extent with the previous version of the Ikea bed.

The Malm variant “bed frame with storage” offers the largest storage space in which even longer household items can be storedsuch as B. Have ironing boards stowed away. However, it does not have the flexibility of the other beds and, despite the slatted frame included, is around 30% more expensive than the version with the rolling bed boxes.

Even cat owners will be delighted with the new higher Malm bed. If the fluffy four-legged friends have looked for a hiding place under the bed again, because the term “vet” may have been mentioned or it got too loud again in the house, you now have better cards to get the house tigers out again 🙂

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