Ikea youth bedrooms and ikea bed frames: fun and comfortable


The bedroom is the place where we spend the most time when we are young, where we sleep, study and socialize. That is why choosing bedroom furniture is an important decision that we should not take too lightly. In addition to helping us achieve a pleasant atmosphere, a good selection of furniture will guarantee us more functionality.

Los Ikea youth furniture they are designed to create a space where young people are comfortable. Fresh and welcoming spaces where they can develop all the activities typical of their age. And for this, some furniture as suggested by the following Ikea youth bedrooms is essential.


The beds that Ikea offers us to decorate youth bedrooms offer plenty of storage, an important feature in small bedrooms. The Slakt bed frame features four very useful large drawers to store blankets, books, technological devices … or simply to store clothes. It’s not just the bed that gives you extra storage; Drawers or storage boxes can be installed under the Malm bed frame.

Slakt bed from Ikea

Want to have an extra bed for your friends or family members to take home? The Utaker stacked bed offers you two beds in one. When the two beds are stacked it is transformed into a single bed or a sofa. When they are not you can have a double bed, a corner sofa or two beds for guests.

Ikea beds

Next to the bed you can put a bedside table but there is also a chest of drawers or Skadis board. Do you know these boards? They have a perforated design where you can hang several shelves and containers that will cover different uses. And if space is a problem, you can also use fabric pockets that hang on the bed frame and provide space for a mobile phone, a notebook, and other small tools.


As children grow, they need to increase their storage. Help by making sure there is plenty of storage space. open and closed storage in the bedroom so you can organize your clothes, books, gadgets and hobby-related items.

Ikea storage

Los modular cabinets The Plats is a great choice for the youngest room, as they allow a variety of configurations. Choose enclosed modules or cabinets of varying heights to utilize space in rooms with glued ceilings and other irregular spaces. Closed modules are the best alternative to organize clothes, books, and technology gadgets.

Like the drawers we discussed before, these cabinets have a lot of space, but they are better used if you use boxes and interior organizers to keep everything clean. Find them at Ikea and combine them in different ways according to your needs.

Place of study

Essentially a youth bedroom is a place of learning. It should be a pleasant place with a clear space and enough lighting for when they run out of natural light. A reading lamp, like the Jansjo model, is a great alternative if we fill it with ceiling or floor lamps.

Ideally on the table itself put some drawers and shelves where to store books and study materials, to have a clear counter. In the Ikea catalogue you will find everything and many modular options so that the task of adapting it to a specific space is easier for you.

In addition to a variety of tables suitable for the youngest such as Micke, Alex or Malm, Ikea offers you the possibility of setting up a personalized study area combining drawers and countertop that adjusts to each other’s needs. A place you can complete with all kinds of stationery.

Ikea desks

When space is limited the Svalnas Series becomes a great ally. This is a modular series that offers shelves of different depths and widths to store everything, from books to small items, cabinets with sliding doors to store what you don’t want to see and surfaces that you can use as a desk. It doesn’t provide a huge surface area but it may be enough.

As you saw at Ikea you will find everything you need to furnish, decorate and arrange a youth bedroom. You will find beds, wardrobes, modular storage solutions and tables specially designed for them in their catalogue, but also a whole collection of adult furniture that you can add to their bedroom. Because Ikea’s youth bedrooms are nourished by many more items than those you can find in its section of children’s and youth bedrooms.

Check your Ikea catalogue in search of different options and choose the one that suits the needs of the space, teenagers and of course, your pocket. You will find cheap furniture so you will not find reasons not to respect your budget. Did one catch your attention?

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