How to Deal with Hip and Lower Back Pain?

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Hip and back pain has been the major side effects and symptoms of bodily conditions. Women facing menstrual cramps, pregnancy, and age-factor can have back pains often. People who have recently recovered from a surgery or accident can get hip pains and numbing sensations from time to time. There are home remedies you can try to get rid of such often pain easily, however, such remedies are not long-term. They may ease the pain temporarily and help the body relax instead of worsening the condition. The following remedies and life-changing back pain treatment can help you get rid of lower and hip pains. 

The Old Mattress 

Try changing the extra soft, saggy old mattress. Your backbends all night and when it straightens, it starts paining the entire sagging area. If your body posture while sleeping is inappropriate, then you will face such discomforting pains in the morning and take hours to ease before you start your chores. Select a mattress that keeps the spinal cord aligned and in position all night. The best choice can be memory foam and latex mattresses for your back. The super support the body and give complete comfort. Mattress can have a massive impact on your life if they are not firm as well as soft enough. Search on some top favorite mattresses online; to get the best for yourself. People who rehabilitate and recover from injuries and joint surgeries require firm mattresses. You can choose the firmness level according to desire and requirement. 

Heating Pad and Warm Towel Therapies 

Life hacks for treating lower back and belly pains can be towel remedies. Warm a towel in hot water or dip it in water before microwaving and putting it on your back for treating the pain. It circulates the blood flow on the area and improves joint stiffness. The warm towel is excellent for letting oxygen enter the muscles and joints and reduce numbing. Heat therapy relieves the lower back from internal inflammation. Place the heating pad on the hips and lie on the chest with your back facing the ceiling. It will ease the pain from the lower portion and even thigh areas below the hips. There are special hot water bottles for dealing with cramps and back pain. Take a rest or a quick nap with your heat pad or bottle below and wake up with a healed back. You can try this for 15 to 20 minutes as well for fast relief. 

PainKillers and Supplements 

Drugs and tablets that can ease pain, reduce inflammation, subside swelling, and improve circulation can help you recover from back and hip pains fast. They help in muscle activity and blood flow in the area. Make sure to consume nonsteroidal tablets such as ibuprofen and naproxen or aspirin. Muscle relaxants, Tylenol and Motrin, or simple anti-inflammatory drugs and antidepressants work wonders as well. You can quickly consult your health advisor if you have trouble finding the right medication for you. If the pain wakes after every few hours or worsens with time, then better consult a physician or doctor regarding your condition.

Jerks or Pressure on the Back While Bending or Picking 

Avoid heavy weight-lifting shoppers, bricks, gardening plants or pots, and activities that can put pressure on the back. Gynecologists prescribe women, who recently have given birth, or are about to deliver, to never bend which can cause back problems, put force on the baby or accidentally open the stitches. Such lifting techniques can cause long-term lower back problems, muscle spasms and vein splits and pulls. Avoid exertion that your body cannot maintain or heal. 

Physiotherapy, Regular Exercise, and Yoga 

If you have frequent lower back pains, then it can be of your sitting and sleeping posture, lack of physical activity, or bent exertion. The alignment of the spinal cord is the first and foremost prescription from a physician. Physiotherapies, massage therapies, and yoga poses can help heal the back and hip from sprains and strains. You can try certain exercises and regular stretches to help the muscle gain its flexibility back. Your physician can help you perform manageable and comforting muscle movements to help in pain relief. Some yoga poses can help get rid of the hip joint and complete spinal pain. 

Life Hacks and Avoiding Factors 

If your back hurts after a long and hectic day, it is because of lack of rest and loss of energy. To relax the tensed back muscles and release stress from the joints, it is better to take a hot or warm shower. The warmth of the water will help in boosting blood circulation, hence causing instant pain relief and ease the body from excessive pressures. A hot bath with relaxing bath salts and essential oils can also be refreshing. Massage oils onto your back and hip as it is beneficial for waking numb muscles of the body. There are also certain things to avoid during such pains and sprains. Coldwater, intake of naturally cold food items such as buttermilk, cucumbers, lemon teas, mints, and melon can worsen the pain more. You can also avoid lifting, bending, sitting on couch bags, and folding legs when you sit down. Try losing some weight once you recover as it will lessen the belly pressure on the back and help straighten the back. 


If a patient is recovering from hip surgery or back injury, then it will take months or so to rehabilitate completely. Lower abdomen, back, thigh, and spinal disks are rough and tough body parts only if you maintain them regularly. Checkups are an important part of life. Get your body reports and check if you have some sort of deficiency or excessiveness in dietary nutrients. Physicians prescribe Vitamin D, calcium, and iron supplements in this case if the body faces fatigue, brittle bone, or such continuous pains in the muscles. This was all about lower backaches and hip soreness conditions, their therapies, and treatments at home. 

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