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Reduce Leg Swelling and Pain with Advanced DVT Compression Pump

The pressure applying on the swollen legs is considered as a traditional therapy among many people or manually massaging lower limbs can slightly reduce the pain. There are some medical procedures by which leg cramps or ankle soreness can be used to eliminate the endless pain. The most suitable therapy for reducing legs inflammation is using a DVT compression pump. The main question is what is a compression pump for DVT and how it reduces leg swelling and pain with advanced medical technology.

What is DVT Compression Pump therapy?

The simple and the most effective way to boost the blood circulation in your lower limbs veins is by using a DVT compression pump. DVT is known as Deep Vein Thrombosis and it occurs when blood clots start gathering at one spot in veins of the lower limbs. When valves get blocks and do not allow lymphatic fluid or blood to pass through vessels it causes inflammation. These blisters if not reduced start causing pain and ankle soreness.

When any user wears the compression pump for DVT it stretches out the vein walls and enhances blood circulation. The increased velocity of blood removes the clotted waste that results in less swelling and muscular pain. The compression device for DVT is consists of air pumping chambers that come in segments or one piece. The garment which covers your entire legs connects with a programmable machine that exerts pressure on the specific joints.

In recent years non-programmable devices are decreasing because patients demand good results in minimum duration. The advanced DVT pump is coming with a graduated sequential system that puts force on the tightened walls without causing any injury. The inflated legs or excessive pain occurs not only happening in DVT cases but people with obesity or athletes with leg injuries are on the top list of people who should use compression gear.

How does the DVT Compression Pump work?

The leg swelling reduction by using the DVT compression pump works in a systematic pattern. The cyclic pressure which is released from the compression chamber pump helps to push blood forward and upwards in the leg. When the user wears the compression garment, the pressure first starts from the foot heel then towards the ankle, and slowly decreases on the calf muscles or knees. The firm grip and smooth flow of blood help to increase the healing process and prevent legs from being achy or hardened.

The pressure range is divided into light (15-20mmHg), Medium (20-30mmHg) and Firm(30-40mmHg). The pressure level of the DVT pump reduces the spider veins that are formed after swelling and allows the user to feel comfortable and easy to walk after the therapy. The compression pump for DVT is used at least two times a day and it takes around one hour to complete the therapy. The research shows if you use these DVT compression gear in the primary stage of disease then you might get recovered from severe pain and swelling.

Types of an advanced DVT Compression Pump:

There are three main types of advanced compression devices for DVT in the market. The first one is portable and has a non-programmable system with no specific pressure chambers. They only apply pressure on the calf and legs. This might not give full results for those who have issues with their ankles. A second category is a sequential group that applies high pressure distal and low pressure proximal. They cover the entire leg including foot, ankle, and calf.

The last and most advanced DVT compression device gives gradient therapy. It has gradual compression from distal to proximal.  It covers the entire leg (foot, ankle, calf, and thigh). The programmable feature with a multi-segmented element can help the user to manually set the pressure on each level of the leg.

DVT Compression Pump can provide great benefits:

The compression device For DVT has numerous benefits for the user. The main function of this pump is to reduce leg swelling and nonstop pain in the ankles. The DVT pump has no limitations of usage because any athlete, elder person, pregnant woman, and working nurse can use it at their home.

The benefits of DVT compression pump includes:

  • Helps people who suffer from lymphedema.
  • Reduces pain in the legs of pregnant women.
  • Decreases the chances of PE (Pulmonary Embolism) in old people.
  • Heal ankle tendons of athletes with foot injuries.
  • The swollen legs of people with aching muscles can also wear this garment.
  • Great device for those who had surgery and cannot move their legs.
  • People with obesity and faces leg swelling due to immobility.
  • A person suffering from edema or phlebitis.

Buy the best Medshoola Compression Pump For DVT:

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