10 Amazing Things to Do in Amsterdam at Night

Amsterdam at Night

The city of Amsterdam is a city full of spirit and charm. On your next trip to Amsterdam, do not miss out on these simple yet exciting things that will create a lifetime of memories for you. Amsterdam can never be complete without visiting at least any of these. Here’s a list of 10 amazing things to do in Amsterdam at night on your next trip to the Netherlands. 

10 amazing things for you to do in Amsterdam at night

  • Sightseeing and dinner on the train
  • Watch the city view
  • Go on a Canal cruise
  • Climb up the A’DAM tower
  • Dance till the sun rises
  • Eat-in the dark restaurant 
  • Go to the Emperor’s canal
  • Eat food in a local store at night
  • Stroll down the streets of Amsterdam at night
  • Watch traditional and cultural dance on the streets

1. Sightseeing and Dinner on the Train

Dinner on a train might not be a popular tourist attraction in Amsterdam but, the hype is steadily increasing nowadays even among the natives. At this dinner, you will board a local train that is fully furnished with fresh seats, clean tables, and cutleries with the exotic aroma of the wine that welcomes you into the train. During this dinner, the train also takes you on a tour around the city of Amsterdam. You will be sightseeing the beauty of Amsterdam at night from a train, having the most delicious dinner with your choice of wine and with utmost satisfaction. The next time you go to Amsterdam, never forget to include this in your tour package. 

2. Watch the city view  

The night view of any city is stunning with bright lights and jazz. For a happening city like Amsterdam, gazing at the night view of the famous spots is itself an engaging activity for the tourists to do on their vacation. You are free to rent a cab or a bike and take a look at the city’s lights dangling in every possible direction. Some of the famous attractions like the Van Gogh museum, Anne Frank House, and Rijksmuseum are the best places to visit during the night. You can also book a rooftop dinner at any restaurant to enjoy the best panoramic view of the city. 

3. Go on a Canal Cruise

By now, you must be knowing that Amsterdam is best known for its canals and cruises. This is an activity that no one in Amsterdam should miss. There are many types of canal cruises namely- private cruises, cruises for a group of people, pizzas on a cruise, and many more. You can choose your favourite cruise and enjoy the ride with the dashing night view of the city. It is advisable to book the tickets in advance in order to avoid the last-minute tension and chaos. Hiring a photographer and doing all the touristy things also come under this list! So why waste that? Try everything possible and make the most out of your Amsterdam vacation. 

4. Climb up the A’DAM Tower

Have you ever heard of the A’DAM tower? It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Netherlands. It is a skyscraper, that also functions as a sensational observatory, a place to eat, drink, sleep, and also party all night. This is the main reason for tourists to love this place. Imagine being on top of this tower in the night with the breathtaking view of the lit-up city of Amsterdam. You can book tickets to just take a look from the sky-high building. 

5. Dance till the sun rises 

How much do you love to dance? Even the most introverted person tends to move to the music and vibe with everyone. For a place like Amsterdam, it is such a vibing place, especially at night. You can search for local bars with a good amount of reviews and dance the whole night. And young boys and girls! This one’s for you! If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam with your friends, choose a good bar or a DJ night to dance and sing the whole night until the sun is up! Isn’t it exciting to hear? Keep this on your to-do list when you visit Amsterdam. 

6. Eat-in the Dark Restaurant 

Yes, I got you! Are you in for a super exciting thing that you might have never done before? Dine in someplace that will give you a unique experience. In this restaurant, you will eat in complete darkness. Yes, you heard it right!  You just have to use your senses to eat. Just smell, touch and feel the food and eat. This sounds super crazy and different, right? Out of all the other activities, this might sound a little bit weird, but this will give you non-deferrable memories for a lifetime.  

7. Visit the Emperor’s Canal 

The Emperor’s Canal is the main and the middle of the famous canals in Amsterdam city. This canal has the most beautiful view during the night. You can choose a good place at the side benches or at the widespread green grass and enjoy the view for the rest of your night. Pizza cruises are the best choices for such a view! Let’s presume it that way and experience it the way you want! With the warmth of the soulful music playing in the background, with your favourite person on the canal, it’s a tailor-made perfect day! 

8. Eat food in a local store at night 

How can any city in Europe give up on food and souvenirs? For a heartwarming city like Amsterdam, food is always a go-to option be it at any restaurant or even a local food stall. The famous French and Swiss macaroons, cheese fondues and fries are the most favourite snack for tourists and natives.  Eating at night is totally different. Pack up in your cozy cardigan and go on a food hunt at local stores. You can buy food at very reasonable rates. So who doesn’t love food and pretty cakes and pastel dollops? Do this on your next trip to Amsterdam and click a number of selfies to mark it as a memorable day! 

9. Stroll down the streets of Amsterdam at night 

Strolling down the streets of a busy city is super calming. Have you ever thought of just gazing at the cars and people from all around the world having to deal with their lives? Sounds so calming right? Try this once and you’ll want more like that. After you have your dinner, try walking down the street and make some new friends from any country. Visit a local souvenir shop or a restaurant to have a cup of hot chocolate to escalate the coziness of the weather. 

 10. Watch traditional and cultural shows on the streets 

The most common thing you will see in any western country is the street show. Many artists from various countries club together for a jamming session in the main street of any city. Amsterdam is no different from them. Watching the artists play the guitars, violins, trumpets, drums, percussions, and dancers, attracting their own set of audience with their killer moves is such a vibe for the tourists. And the most important thing is that this activity is completely free and can be customised according to your availability and schedules. 

This pretty much sums up the most exciting yet subtle things to do in Amsterdam at night. Pack your bags and customise your Amsterdam tour packages with us for the best itineraries and great deals! Check out Pickyourtrail for more such exciting offers and vacations at unbelievable rates and enjoy your trip with ease and comfort!

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