Get Fresh Food on Wheels

Food on wheel

It cannot be said as exaggerated in case you say that a big portion of the population in India dwells food on wheel. Almost 1.9 crore people journey every day across the main stations in the country. India has seen immense growth and advancement in travelling by Indian railways. Its credit goes to the efforts made by the recent ombudsman of Indian railways. For them, the Indian railway is the prime option for travelling from one place to another.

Food on Wheels

With increasing traffic of railways, the demands for hygienic and fresh foods have been the chief trouble for the passengers. India is proud of diverse food recipes and different options. Traveling in the days of childhood, you remember eating a number of snacks vended by local food sellers. With mounting occurrences of food adulteration, you do not see them anymore, or people abstain from these products and choose packed items.

Indian railway launched a unique platform to tackle the complaints of food. IRCTC e-catering initiated with thirty-nine pairs of stations and also introduced exclusive SMS system abilities. But the number of stations being covered is limited; it cannot fulfil the needs of all people travelling by train. To cash the opportunity, manifold service providers came into the scene across main stations to cater to the needs of the travellers to make possible train food delivery. Ordering food on wheels while on the move is day by day increasing.

E – Catering Altered the Scene of Train Travellers

Ordering meals on the train is something that you all do specifically as the journey extends the time of travelling beyond four hours. With the rise of e- catering services, travellers are capable of ordering meals according to their taste from prime food on wheel which come on the way. Below are enumerated a few main advantages of e- catering services:

Food Preference

Travellers in the train may place an order for food on track according to their choices. They are offered manifold food choices to pick from plus the stations where they desire the food on wheel must be delivered on the seat.

Custom Offers

Ordering meals via e- catering services assist the travellers to enjoy tailored offers from prime service providers.

Food Specialities

These days placing an order for food specialities on the train do not mean any dream. You may place an order for popular food like Maratha pea, Agra Letha also that were in yesteryear a sort of dream for travellers.

Swift Checkout Gateway

E – Caterers offer manifold payment choices to pick from. Several have COD choices at hand also which gives the travellers the confidence of obtaining food as per their choice on the train.

Live Customer Support

They are bound to see for the verification of the order placed for food in train. Almost all e- caterers offer round the clock service too to address any complaints if there is any.

Food on Wheels

Group Ordering Advantages

People who travel in groups may place an order for food on wheel at discounted prices because prime service providers provide discounts when food is ordered in bulk on the train.

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