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Questions to Ask Before Hiring Catering Services in Dubai

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It’s certainly not an easy feat to handle a corporate event. From catering to seating arrangements and guest management, you have to ensure everything is done in a perfect manner. After all, it’s a matter of your company’s reputation.

Among all the factors that make an event a success story, it’s the food that has the maximum impact. If the food served at your event isn’t good, you certainly can’t call it a success. This is why it is important to be very careful when selecting catering services in Dubai.

To ensure you have made the best choice, here are some important questions you must ask before hiring a catering company:

Do you have prior experience in handling food for corporate events?

You can’t rely on a company that hasn’t handled catering services for a corporate event in the past. The reason? Corporate events are handled in a different way than personal events. They vary in terms of the number of guests, style, presentation, etc. Corporate events, as we all know, are more formal.

This is why it is important to know a company’s specialization before you hire them. Make sure they have prior experience of handling food for corporate events. Enquire about this during your initial consultation with them.

Do you offer wait staff?

There are different types of catering companies working in Dubai. Some only arrange food that’s delivered to your event’s venue, while others also arrange for crockery and offer wait staff as well.

It’s recommended to know what’s included in your package beforehand to avoid last-minute hassles. Hiring a company and then getting to know at the last moment that they don’t offer wait staff can be a huge bummer. It can land you in a very troublesome situation. So, ask the company in advance if they offer wait staff or not. If they do not, you should make arrangements for the same in the early stages.

The ideal approach, however, will be to select a company that offers more than just-food. This way, you wouldn’t have to face the hassle of negotiating with different companies.

Is there any particular apparel for caterers and wait staff?

Every aspect of corporate events must exude professionalism, be it the presentation of food or the way it is served. So, if the wait staff serving the food or caterers overseeing anything are not in uniform, it will create a rather unprofessional image of your business. So, ask the service provider in advance if the wait staff and caterers wear a particular uniform.

What is your specialization vis-à-vis food?

This one’s important. Not every company specializes in every kind of food. Some are good with continental food items, while others have more grip on authentic Arab cuisine. So, it makes complete sense to ask the company you’re in talks with about its specialization.

Having said that, you need to finalize the cuisine of your event first. If you’re going with Chinese food, only get in touch with companies that specialize in this particular cuisine.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies?

Ask the company if it can be flexible in its approach. Do they accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies? Selecting a company that can accommodate such restrictions is certainly a better choice, as you cater to all your guests easily.

Can you show me references from your previous events?

When it comes to handling corporate events, particularly involving food, you need to be very careful. A minor mistake can jeopardize your entire event. So, to be absolutely sure that the company you have selected is worth handling the responsibility, ask for references from the events they have handled previously. In case they hesitate in doing so, it’s better to look out for other options, as there’s no room for risk in corporate events.

Can you offer food truck catering?

The trend of hosting events, even in the corporate sector, is changing now. Hosting outdoor events has become a norm. And many companies now opt for food truck catering for their events. If you are also planning to host a similar event, it’s important that you ask the selected catering company if they can arrange food trucks or have arranged them in another event prior to this.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, getting answers to these questions will help you make an informed decision when selecting a catering company in Dubai. 

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