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There are always travel destinations associated with the satisfaction of curiosity, not old dreams, recommendations, or a desire for adventure. Like a yeast growing in Baku, it’s like a cake in the oven that I’ll want to come and check periodically as it rises. Thus, Baku tour guides will certainly show you around and you will be amazed

Thus, Baku is one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe. In the Soviet years, the city was just over 1 million in population, now it reaches ~ 2.5 million.

Azerbaijan’s Baku

Azerbaijan is rapidly seeking international recognition for its newly polished capital and spares no resources for that. Recently, the final of the Eurovision Song Contest, European Games, F1 Racing Gran Prix, 2020 was held in the city. Several UEFA European Championship matches will take place here. The city is also constantly trying its luck by running for the Summer Olympics.


In this context, of course, it is very curious to visit this Caucasian phenomenon. The best flights in terms of price and duration, currently, are flights via Riga with AirBaltic if you are traveling from that part of the World. In other cases, it can always be found through Moscow, Istanbul and Kiev.

Must see places in Baku

These are the places that are essential to see.

Ramana Castle

Baku tour guide started from Ramana Castle. It is not marked as a tourist in all the booklets, but it has one distinctive feature – it stands above the old oil wells. The driver was very surprised when I told him where I wanted to go.

He himself was there for the first time, though there was Bakinc for the third time. The picturesque castle dates back to the XII century perched on the rocks. The door was locked. Ask the locals and look for someone with the key. The view from the hill to the oil wells was enchanting. 

A collision of progress and history on the air. For the first time, I had to see them still working old oil towers – iconic pumpjack. 1898 more than half of the world’s oil was extracted around Baku. The capital sailed from all over the world and at the same time raised the current capital of Azerbaijan to the heights. At present, Azerbaijan is barely in the top twenty in terms of oil and gas production and reserves. Despite that the city is growing really quickly.

Heydar Aliyev

Getting to the Heydar Aliyev center costs 15 manatees (2 manatees = 1 euro). Nothing stunning inside except a few luxury Heydar Aliyev limousines. The whole greatness of this building is its unmistakable exterior. The roof is like a wave on which it would seem fun to surf.

An interesting monument from Stalin’s time is located right next to the new skyscraper quarter. This is the current Government House completed in 1952. It is somewhat reminiscent of the “pearl” of Warsaw.

The new skyscraper quarter

The new skyscraper quarter is still under construction, but locals say the projects lost their previous pace a few years ago when oil prices fell. The crescents stand unfinished so far. And here Baku Boulevard stretches along the Caspian coast is impressive and complete. It is already reminiscent not of a boulevard, but of a beautiful park with shelter from the summer heat. The townspeople are happy not to sit on the benches under the shadows.

Baku Boulevard

There are several objects at the end of Baku Boulevard. Carpet Museum (unfortunately I miss Iranian carpets), Venetian canal restaurant with gondolas by the way. And, of course, the third-highest flag on the mast in the world. Alive, she didn’t look very tall to me. In any case, the highest at the moment is Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. It is interesting to note that almost exclusively Muslim countries are currently competing for the top flag on the mast, and North Korea is the only one involved in their company.

Three Flame Towers

From the square where the flag flies, one of the most beautiful views of the three Flame Towers or Flaming Towers opens up. It is deservedly a symbol of Baku at the moment. The towers are especially fascinating when changing colors during the dark hours of the day. One can just sit on a bench and admire the XXI centuries achievements. 

The tallest of the towers is only 182m, but the strategic position on a high hill gives the required grandeur. From the flag square, you can take the funicular to the Flaming Towers. However, I would most recommend the nearby Dagustu Park observation deck. The most beautiful free panoramas of the Baku waterfront open in this park. Nicer, but already paid, just from the TV tower.

Baku’s old town is, I would say, tidy in a European way. Baku tour guides show around.Even the plaster has not fallen anywhere. Of course, anyone looking for it finds it, but overall it has left the impression of one of the tidiest seaside towns in the Mediterranean than almost the Middle East. 

The biggest impression was left by the narrow streets of the old town, where you can wander, sit on the stairs or have dinner in the background of the mosque. The Virgin Tower is as majestic as the online postcards, maybe even visually look taller. The walls and parks surrounding the old town are separate spaces for city dwellers and tourists to have a good time. The truth disappointed the Shirvanshach Palace, which is very simple. Probably modest and frugal was Shirvan Shah.


European capitals are teeming with cycling facilities in the summer. There is no shortage of SUVs and SUVs, and there are no alternatives to the ecological scales. True Baku is a metro that, unlike neighboring Tbilisi and Yerevan, is expanding rapidly. The truth is what’s underground isn’t on the surface: subway trains and escalators straight from documentaries about the Soviet Union. Cheap. The most important thing for a tourist is the red line. 

Koroglu Metro Station has an airport bus service. Genclik is a train station for a train to Tbilisi. Iceri Seher – Old Town. Simple. On the buses you can not live at all, just ask the locals and tell you where to sit and where to go. Azerbaijanis are very friendly people and will not refuse to help (Russian language may be useful).

In conclusion

Baku seems to have a lot of potential in the future, it is expanding really quickly and will have a lot of impact in a few years. If you are interested in visiting Baku, feel free to check out for Baku tour guides!

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