7 Ghostwriting Basic Mistakes To Avoid In 2021

Everything cannot be dealt with perfection. There are days when you don’t give your best and that is completely normal. Being a ghostwriter can be a lot of fun, if you like writing. There are some basic ghostwriting mistakes which needs to be looked at. There is always a chance to improvise and do better than before.

A ghostwriting agency makes sure they hire professionals who can implement the task with perfection, yet there are chances of making some basic ghostwriting mistakes. These mistakes are common and can surely be avoided to create, an interesting, engaging and effective writing piece for your clients.

The following mistakes can be embarrassing, so it is important to avoid them to master your ghostwriting field.

More confusion than connection

Creating a connection with the readers is extremely important. Most writers often make a mistake of confusing the readers. The ultimate goal of a writing piece is to write a content which can build a bond with the reader. Avoid too many twists and turns and interestingly grab the readers attention.  

Understand the purpose

If you are giving ghostwriting services, the first thing is to read the project details of a client. Be certain about the purpose of the writing piece. It is important to understand what your client requires and then proceed forward. Once you understand the purpose, whether it’s a fiction story or if it’s a web content or maybe an SEO content then you know how to draft a relatable write-up for that. There are certain tones for each field, make sure you are well-versed with them.

Pauses and expression matters

Often writers make a mistake of not rechecking the content with punctuations. It is important to know where the pauses are required. Moreover, the expression of your writing piece plays an integral role in gauging the reader’s attention. You should be able to distinguish what kind of expression your content will follow, whether it has to be subtle and light or maybe too dramatic.

Be consistent

Consistency in content is very important. While writing as a ghostwriter make sure you follow the same pattern throughout. Sometimes, the readers feel distracted if there are changes made with the flow if a writing piece. Make sure you follow the same tone and keep a more balanced approach in your content.

Suitable vocabulary

As a ghostwriter your purpose is to make others understand the whole content in a flow. Using a suitable vocabulary, which is easy to understand is the key here. Do not use complex words that readers are not familiar with. Using this technique can grab the readers attention and keep them engaged till the end.


Presentation of your work always leave an impact on the readers; good or bad, your presentation matters. Make sure you highlight the main features and give proper headings to differentiate. Create a hierarchy as well as balance the headings to make your readers understand what is coming next.


Your content should have a strong grip on the its clarity. Clear content always pierces through the minds of the readers and that is what your motive should be. You need to have a clear and concise approach because sometimes unclear content leads to major set-backs and the readers lose their interest.

End note

They say, “an individual learns from their mistakes”. Mistakes, always have a lasting effect if they are pointed out. You try to avoid them and learn every time you make a mistake. Follow the above-mentioned tips to avoid them and keep your readers engagement spot-on.

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