Smartphone Theft: What Precautions To Take? What To Do In Case Of Theft?

How to save my phone from theft? Since the emergence of smartphones, especially in the high-end. Cellphone theft has taken a major part in the statistics of violent thefts. Concentrated for a large part in the Paris region and more particularly in transport. We must certainly make allowance for false declarations. Also, beware of this scam that affects used phones resold on the internet. The seller declares the theft of his cell phone. However legally acquired to collect insurance, and you end up with a blocked phone and few recourse solutions. Anyway, there are a few solutions that are simple to implement and highly recommended.

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Before the flight

Remember to write down your IMEI number (15 digits). Written on your purchase invoice and under the battery. This essential number allows your operator to block your phone in the event of theft. This technique is not unstoppable, some sites, and even some not very delicate traders propose to modify the IMEI numbers. The handling, quite technical, is still marginal, so it is imperative to keep this number. You can also retrieve the IMEI code by typing * # 06 # on your device keypad.
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The PIN code, which can be likened to a password, protects your mobile phone from unwanted intrusion. It is certainly off-putting to have to type it every time you turn on your device. But it is simple and effective protection. Avoid the eternal ” 1234 ” or ” 0000 “, like the famous “12345678” as a password on your computer. They are the first that a thief will try. Secure password activation of standby, available on all smartphones, is also essential. The PIN code only has an effect if your device is switched off. If your smartphone offers access by facial recognition, it goes without saying that you absolutely must activate it.

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There are now applications that allow you to act on your smartphone in the event of theft. Cerberus Anti-Theft for example offers remote control of your device via the publisher’s website. Taking a photo of the new user, access to information of the new SIM card inserted. Geolocation and locking of your device, the launching of a loud alarm (even with a telephone on vibrator), etc.

How To Save My Phone From Theft

After the flight

Call your operator to have your line blocked.

File a complaint with the nearest gendarmerie. The report which will then be drawn up will be sent to your operator. They will allow your phone to be blocked throughout your country.

Contact your insurer if your phone is covered.

The right attitudes to take to limit the risk of theft

Give preference to hands-free kits. Thieves target their victims, and the most tempting are owners of high-end smartphones. Such as iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberries, which earn more on resale and are in high demand. You will limit the risk of theft if your mobile is not identifiable.

Some practices die-hard and make the job of pickpockets easier. Such as leaving the phone in an outside pocket of your bag, in the back pocket of your pants, on the table or seat of a restaurant or cafe.

Be particularly wary of situations of large crowds, queues and jostling, favorite playgrounds of thieves.

One of the theft techniques is to take advantage of your goodwill by asking you to lend your cell phone to make an emergency call. Always choose to make the call yourself, don’t leave it to a stranger.

Of course, but it doesn’t cost a thing to remind you. Never leave your phone visible in a car, even for a minute stop. When you are on the phone in a car (not as a driver, right?) Raise the window so that you cannot reach through it at a stop or a red light.

How To Save My Phone From Theft

It is common to see young women in the street with a stroller in one hand and a phone in the other. It is a real call for snatching. Indeed, it is hard to imagine a mother abandoning her child to run after a thief, is not it? Ask yourself whether this call really can’t wait to be in a quiet place …

Does all this seem worrying or off-putting to you? Remember that your laptop, with the advent of smartphones, has become an essential part of your social life. The unscrupulous individual who owns your device will also have access to your contacts. Your sometimes intimate photos, your emails, etc. The main disadvantage of the cell phone is that it captures attention and isolates you from the outside world. It is not for nothing that we prohibit, without much success, the use at the wheel

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