What can you gift your man under 100 pounds this Christmas?

Christmas Gift

The festive season is arriving soon, and you want to gift something good and unique to your man. However, the problem is that you are a little short on the budget. This pandemic has made things a little difficult for you on a financial basis, and you are feeling anxious. But worry no more because we have got your covered.

We have brought you budget-friendly Christmas gift ideas for your guy who will love it and you even more.

Movie Scratch Poster for movie fanatics

If he loves watching movies and you want to give him something related to that, then opt for the Movie Scratch poster, which is available only for 15 pounds online. He can put the movie list which he wants to watch in the future or maybe play a game on it. It is unique and something creative.

Outdoor gloves for a workout

You can gift him waterproof outdoor workout gloves that he can wear, especially during winters. They are light-weight, contain hand mobility, and super practical, which saves you from chilly weather and keeps his hands safe and warm.

Subscription for services he likes

You can gift him a subscription to Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Whoop, etc. He will enjoy it throughout the year and will remember you every time he will log in to the account to binge-watch anything. You can also gift him a shaving company’s subscription, where he will get surprising products for himself every month.

A perfume that will make him smell nice

You can gift him a nice perfume that will be a new member of his collection and will make him smell sexier. Ask him to wear that whenever he meets you. There are different price ranges available in perfume, and you can select one that fits your budget.

Gift cards for Amazon

Amazon offers many exciting products for everyone. Suppose you feel that you can’t decide which one to gift him, then gift him a 100 pounds gift card. He can use it to purchase any product that he likes, and this way, it will be a gift from your side.

Portable speakers

You can buy a portable speaker for him from an online store, which will be helpful for him during a house party or hiking. He can also use it for office parties or during camping. There are so many different companies that offer portable speakers with many facilities. Choose whichever is best for him according to his need.

Outdoor Motion Sensors

Many companies sell motion sensors for smart homes for the outside area. It detects every movement around your house that sends you an alert on your mobile phone. This way, you get to keep an eye on your house and watch who visits your house in your absence. Now, you can give this motion sensor to him for his house. It will also welcome him home every day, which gives it a nice warm touch.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K for his Television

If he doesn’t own an Android TV at his home, then you can gift him Amazon Fire Stick 4K, which comes with Alexa Voice Remote. It costs around 19.99 pounds, and it is way under your budget. Stream your favorite shows and movies on various OTT Platforms with Amazon Fire Stick such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

Tripod for Smartphone or camera

If he loves photography or videography, then you can gift him a portable tripod. Portable tripod let him use a Smartphone or camera for the entire DIY film making. It avoids shakiness and provides stability. Give him a chance to enhance his skills.

Exclusive Body wash set

You can gift him an exclusive and luxurious body wash set that will make him smell nice and groom him with ultra-luxury. Holidays are about to come, and these specially induced body washes will help him tackle his stress and tension with freshness.

Help him in the financial crisis.

There is nothing more intimate than becoming his pillar of strength during any financial crisis. If he needs funds suddenly and you don’t have enough money to help him, then you can suggest to him about taking an instant loan from direct lenders. He can opt for an online application process that offers loans for everyone within 24 hours of application approval. Lenders also offer Christmas loans for the unemployed and many other loans for different categories of people in the UK.


Christmas is a celebration time and the holidays must be enjoyed. But with the tradition to gift your loved ones, something unique can be stressful. When the gift is for your special someone, then you must make it super special. These ideas under 100 pounds help you to impress him and stay under your budget at the same time.

Description: Make his Christmas extra special by buying a special gift that shows how much you care about him and his likes-dislikes. But when this pandemic has taken a toll over finances, we won’t let you get derailed from your budget this year. 

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