The Morning Cup Made Easy – “Kul” Hot Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser

A warm cup of coffee on a snowy winter morning. There is nothing that beats that feeling, Yet the hassle of making a cup of coffee in the morning can not be ignored. Introducing the “Kul” instant hot water dispenser. The “Kul” can take away the tedious process of making your morning coffee. This gives you back the ability to enjoy your mornings and thereby, the rest of your day.

The “Kul” hot water dispenser has an advanced bio-filtration system that can eliminate upwards of 80 harmful components in water. including chemicals like chlorine, VOCs, and chloramine. It also eliminates waterborne parasites like cysts that can cause serious health conditions. The filter also treats the water for pharmaceuticals like ibuprofen and estrone as well as heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic. With plant-based renewable carbon as an active ingredient, the filter is able to ensure no pesticides like DEET or linuron get through. It also ensures that no asbestos or PFOA particles are in that perfect glass of water whenever you desire.

The “Kul” Hot Water Dispenser Is An All-Inclusive Hydration Bundle

With a seamless user interface and a digital touchscreen display, giving you access to temperature settings, as well as monitoring your filter status and CO2 levels to help you stay on top of any upkeep requirements. The easy access doors for the filter as well as the CO2 canister make replacements possible in mere seconds. It also has customizable wallpapers to match whatever mood suits you the best. The “Kul” hot water dispenser has built-in parental controls that inhibit the dispensing of hot water until a passcode is typed in when turned on. Mitigating the possibility of accidents around children, the “Kul” hot water dispenser is an incredible addition to your family to keep them healthy and hydrated.

The ability to have instant hot water when one needs it most is a luxury that we could not afford in the past. Technology has given us the ability to have water at whatever temperature we desire. The “Kul” hot water dispenser gives you access to hot, sparkling, cold, and ambient water at the push of a button. Giving you easy access to an assortment of recipes that are available at verykul.com

The “Kul” hot water dispenser has a tremendous impact when it comes to curbing the use of single-use plastic bottles. The irony is that it takes 3 liters of water to make a water bottle that holds only 1 liter of water. The oil used to make the bottles is even worse for the environment. It takes 1.5 million barrels annually just in the USA to manufacture these bottles. The problem worsens with thousands of trucks daily transporting packaged beverages. All those plastic bottles add to landfills and cause massive pollution. Only 10% of bottles ever make it to the recycling center, no matter what bin you toss them into. The “Kul” hot water dispenser curbs all of that by giving you a permanent solution to your hydration needs along with choices and options of water that we have never had before. Help the earth by helping yourself. It’s time to make a change.

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