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The Influence Of Art Paintings On Our Lifestyle


Art paintings can have a great impact on your lifestyle as they create an ambience that is unmatched. Lush greenery, snow capped mountains, portraits or a daring modern art, any type of painting you choose, is sure to influence your lifestyle. Art works have an incredibly positive impact on your thought process as well. Choosing art paintings for your home can be an interesting and challenging task. A great painting may necessarily not be the right fit for your home. Here are some tips to make a good choice.

Selecting The Art Paintings

You can broadly categorize art paintings as still life paintings and paintings that depict movement. Scenic landscapes and other natural sceneries make the atmosphere serene. They are a great source of relaxation for tired eyes and spirit. Paintings that depict movement can be very compelling. Visiting Nice Art Gallery will give you an idea on the types of paintings and how to choose the best one for your home.

Blend With Your Personality

Choose art paintings that blend with your personality. The theme of the artwork can be something that you are passionate about. If you are a lover of sport, a painting that depicts a sporting activity may do well to reflect yourself.


Selecting Colors

The theme may be appealing but you need to consider the size, the colors and if the painting will blend with the environment at home so that it enhances your lifestyle. If you have any of your rooms painted with bold color, you may choose a painting that has the color in it. You may also opt for black and white art paintings and for muted colors in paintings. Have some accessories or furniture with the same color as in the painting so that it will create a sense of continuity.

Size Matters

A small piece of painting may add greater value to your home than a big sized painting. It depends purely on the size of your room. A room of compact size may not look great with a large sized painting. The size of the painting should be proportional not only to the wall but the furniture in the room.


The Secret Of Lighting

Lighting is key to make your painting appear to its advantage. The impact an art painting can create on your home can be lost if the room is dimly lit. Do not over expose your painting to light, natural or fluorescent. Consider the surface of the painting, the frame and the glass, if the picture is protected. Choose light source accordingly and you will see the painting to have a great influence on your lifestyle.

Make It Picture Perfect

Once you have chosen the right art paintings for your home, choose the right spot to hang them on, of course with the light source in mind. If you have antiques in the room, you may consider hanging paintings that have frames with antique style. To let the arts influence your lifestyle do ensure that you downplay other items in the room including furniture, window coverings, carpets and so on.

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