7 Features Millennials Want in a New Home


Millennials currently comprise a huge demographic for those willing to sell a property. Millennials make up about 35% of the housing market in the US. On top of that, they are the 68% of all first-time buyers. The stats clearly show that it is worth figuring out what it is they look for in a home.


The reason behind an increased need for all things practical is probably the lifestyle. Millennials look for practical homes with low maintenance requirements. This, alongside the natural look and overall aesthetics, is probably the reason why one of the top desired features for millennials are hardwood floors. Carpets seem to be left in the past as wood and tile floors take over. The same goes for the rest of the surfaces in a home, the easier to clean, the better.

A large living area

What millennial homebuyers seem to be looking for in particular are living rooms according to one survey, and open floor plans, according to another one. What we can conclude from this is that they are after large open space with a designated sitting area where a family or friends can spend time together. Another reason why they seem to enjoy this type of layout is the fact that it is a perfect solution for smaller homes.


Millennials seem to think that it is very important to have a home which is well lit. Large windows and a lot of daylight accompanied by a smart lighting system for the gloomy days, night time, and to set moods. Having said that, windows should include window treatments which can help regulate the amount of light and the solar heat coming in. One of the most desired features in this area is exterior lights. They seem to be essential for the millennials. They allow them to spend more time out in the backyard in the evening and provide extra protection from burglars. Using solar exterior lights will also appeal to their environmentally-aware side.

Backyard fun

Some of the most important exterior features for millennial homeowners are patios and decks. This clearly showcases their need to spend time in the backyard. If you are staging to sell to millennials, think wooden decks, think cantilever pergolas, and patio furniture to match. Let them picture themselves outside, relaxing, enjoying the fresh air, having fun with their friends.

Separate facilities

A separate laundry room is the most desired feature for about 92% of all homeowners, including the millennials. Going back to the practicality, combined with aesthetics, a designated room for a dryer and a washer is almost an absolute must. It means a lot not having the two in the kitchen or the bathroom, with piles of laundry and dying laying around. We’ve mentioned busy millennials before, they might not get to everything in time, but they will want their homes to look tidy. And also, they prefer not having to listen to the sound of the washer and the dryer while they’re trying to relax.

A full bath

One of the most desired features on the list of top 10 hose features desired by the millennials is a full bath in the master bedroom. This means that the main bedroom should have easy access to both the shower and the tub. This is completely understandable as one has the purpose to help you relax, while the other one is more practical and gives you a chance to get ready for work quickly.

Energy efficiency

We live in the age which apparently is the high time and the last chance to preserve the environment. A lot of millennials are aware of this and they try to reduce their eco-footprint. This is why they are great fans of energy-efficient appliances and clean energy sources. On a plus side, this also reduces utility bills. Unless you already have a sustainable home, building a fully energy-efficient one is usually not cost effective. But you can start with regular appliances such as the stove, the fridge, the washer, and the dryer.

Now that you know what they want, you can check how cost-effective it would be for your particular property to undergo several adjustments and be selected by the millennials. All of their requirements make perfect sense and they do not seem too out-of-this-world to be included in your offer.

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