About Adjustable Door Hinges

Unless you work in construction or are a home handyman, chances are you rarely (if ever) think about door hinges. This might be the first time you’ve read about such a thing.

There are all sorts of hinges, but most doors utilize pin and barrel hinges, consisting of a plate with a cylindrical end through which a hinge pin is inserted. This hinge pin serves as an axle around which the hinge rotates.

There is also a class of hinges known as adjustable door hinges that offer unique utility in given circumstances. Here’s what you should know about them.

What Are Adjustable Door Hinges?
No tricks here, adjustable door hinges are exactly what they sound like – hinges that can be adjusted. There are two different types of adjustable hinges, set and guide hinges.

Set hinges are used to adjust the door vertically, and can usually be identified by an arrow pointing up or down on one of the sides of the hinge.

Set hinges can be valuable because they enable you to adjust a door up or down to account for sagging floors or walls.

Guide hinges are hinges that can be adjusted horizontally, which are usually identified by a set screw in the center of the hinge that provides adjustment to the left and right.

Guide hinges can be useful for adjusting the hinge to get a perfect fit within the door frame. They can also be used to make adjustments for wooden doors that swell and shrink in response to changes in atmospheric humidity.

Both set and guide hinges can usually be adjusted with a screwdriver; simply turn the set screw that adjusts the hinge as indicated to move the orientation of the door in the direction of the arrow.

Only hand tools should be used to adjust door hinges, never power tools. These adjustments are slight and incremental and power tools don’t offer the sensitivity to make fine adjustments. They might also damage the hinges.

When making adjustments with adjustable door hinges, it helps to have two people; one to take the weight off the door hinge so the set screw can be adjusted while it isn’t under a load, and the other to make the adjustment.

In addition, it also helps to makew small adjustments at one time. A tiny change can be magnified given the size of the door. Adjust slightly, check the sight line, and then adjust again if needed.

It’s also wise to avoid maxing out the adjustment via the set screw as indicated to prevent damage to the hinge or door.

Where Can You Get Quality Adjustable Door Hinges?
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