Girls, bring your wedding budget up to 5-7 lakh rupees, five ways for smart wedding planning

Girls, marriage is your personal event, you can keep it as much as you want, from 5 lakhs to 1 crores. It depends on your wish, purchasing capacity and your thinking whether you want to keep your marriage high cost (High Cost Marriage) or want to have a good wedding (Low Cost Wedding) at the minimum cost. In the second case, we can help you, read on..

According to the Wedding Spends Report 2.0, an average middle-class spends around Rs 15-25 lakh on his wedding. This survey was conducted between October and November 2023 among 1200 millennial generation. People in the age group of 25-40 were included in it and it took place in 20 cities of the country. In Indian society, marriage is not only an event of two people but also of two families, the planning of which usually starts weeks, months in advance and does not end even after the bride’s departure. Indian traditional marriage, which includes various small and big events, is an expensive event. In this era of destination wedding, if you want to get married wisely, then it is a great decision from the financial point of view. Many times the wedding program becomes a series of events of extravagance and show-off where money is spent like water. If you want to have a low-cost wedding and that too in a good way… then let us help you out:

First of all, you need to include both the families and your future husband in your desire for a budget wedding, i.e., involve them in your efforts to have a wedding with as little money as possible. While we are talking about a budget wedding of Rs 5-7 lakh in the headline, it is possible that for you the low cost amount can be Rs 8-9 lakhs! But there are some important things you can adopt to reduce the total cost. The wedding season is mostly after Diwali – during November, December, January and February. Sometimes it also happens in May-June. If you want to keep your costs low, then get married in the off-season. From the venue to the wedding catering and other expenses can also be kept under control by getting married in the off-season.

Talking about a Hindu wedding, it is not a one-day event. The cost increases with every plan of sangeet, mehndi, wedding, reception… Therefore, it is better to merge the events or keep them to a minimum. If you want, you can have mehndi and sangeet on the same day and night.

If you hold the reception immediately after the wedding ceremony, you will also be able to bargain for the venue. You can have all the events at one place, this will make it possible to deal with aggressive rates. Some events can be held at your home, in the community hall of the society, in the courtyard of a big temple or if possible, on the rooftop, like sangeet programs.

The guest list is a major factor in the highest cost. The more guests you invite to the wedding, your cost will increase at every level. Keep a strict guest list, review it repeatedly with the family members and then finalize it. Keep the wedding card digital. These are creative as well as low-cost. The expense that would have been incurred in delivering the cards at homes will also be saved.

Limit shopping, for this, in the midst of skyrocketing prices of gold and silver, explore the option of renting good clothes, reusing jewellery and using artificial jewellery, besides renting jewellery. Cut down on decorative items, give importance to smart decoration. Use mother or grandmother’s clothes, sarees and lehengas with ‘furnishings’. Use inherited jewellery.

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