About the Strike Without Warning Tuner Muzzle Brake

In a word, Strike Without Warning’s tuner muzzle brake is easy to install, allows the shooter to see impacts, and improves balance and weight distribution while countering muzzle rise and felt recoil.

From a high level, here’s what you need to know.

A Tuner and a Muzzle Brake in One
First and foremost, this is a muzzle brake – if you’re not familiar with these muzzle devices, they slash felt recoil and fight muzzle flip.

This one offers industry-leading recoil reduction. Advanced nozzle technology results in proprietary gas deflection that outperforms other muzzle brakes by 10%, if not more.

That alone is sufficient selling fodder for these muzzle devices, which can corral recoil and keep muzzle flip under control, allowing shooters to make faster, more accurate follow up shots – not to mention, reducing shooter fatigue during long sessions at the range. For what it’s worth, they also don’t interfere unnecessarily with the sight picture.

It is also a self-timing barrel tuner with a locking collar design. Tuners, at their most fundamental, add a small amount of weight to the barrel to optimize the consistency of barrel harmonics.

Basically, barrels vibrate, or “whip,” when fired. What you want as a shooter is for the bullet to leave the muzzle when there is little to no movement right at that critical point.

Adding a small weight – a tuner – to the barrel, enables you to “tune” performance (hence the name) the result of which is that you can control accuracy to shrink groups, particularly at extended ranges.

Using a tuner that’s wisely chosen with respect to your rifle’s performance can also give you a wider load window – meaning you can improve accuracy and consistency when shooting various different loads.

So, in a nutshell, what you get here is a unique muzzle device that can improve barrel harmonics and thereby accuracy, while also cutting felt recoil, muzzle jump, and leaving a clearer sight picture.

Updates from the Previous Iteration
The design of this tuner muzzle brake combo also features a few upgrades from its predecessor which, though it offered a good design, could do with some improvements.

First is that no changes are needed to the barrel prior to installation. Also, the new generation has no top ports, adjusted side ports, a closer fit between the tuner and the muzzle, and a new threaded option.

Moreover – and though this isn’t a change from the previous generation – the Strike Without Warning tuner muzzle brake is held in place – locked – with two opposing set screws.

By contrast, other tuners usually use a friction fit; they can work loose, increasing the chances of a baffle strike. To dislodge this tuner muzzle brake you’d need to shear off both locking set screws.

Where Can You Get One of These Tuner Muzzle Brakes
Want to learn more about how this unique tuner muzzle brake can improve your accuracy, handling and confidence? Check it out online at Anarchy Outdoors, and if you have questions contact them directly at 833-980-0333.

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