Pros And Cons Of Marble Floors You Must Know

Here Are Relevant Characteristics of Marble Floors

If you want to add a luxurious design and affluent look to your house, you must go for marble tiles. They can be utilized as floor tiles, wall tiles, or even countertop tiles.

Marble tiles are available in different varieties, including Carrara, Breccia and Calacatta, which have their own unique and distinctive features. But before buying marble tiles to renovate your space, you must know the pros and cons of marble so that you make the right decision. 

Here are some factors that you must keep in mind:

Pros of Marble Flooring

There’s no doubt that there are numerous advantages that marble tiles have. 

  1. Extraordinary styling with unique designs:
    The elegance of marble flooring is so appealing to the eyes that anyone can get ready to buy them at once. They elevate the appearance of any room they are laid in. They can make the kitchen look clean and organized, apart from giving it a royal look. There is no repetition in their design as they are naturally mined. Every marble piece comes with unique patterns that are beautiful in their own ways.
  2. Shiny texture:
    The best thing about marble is that it can be polished as per the requirements to a high degree. The beautiful shine makes the space look smoother and more refined. The material’s translucence can attract anyone.
  3. Highly eco-friendly option:
    Last but not least, stones are eco-friendly options as they can be recycled after use. Marble tiles are more eco-friendly options as they reduce the need of quarrying.

Cons of Marble Flooring

Marble flooring looks alluring but it comes with some disadvantages too.

  1. Difficulty in installation:
    Installing marble can get complex because of their weight and unique patterns. Most of the time, epoxy mortar is used to install them, which requires a professional’s help. Also, the base of the floor needs to be adequately prepared before fixing them. On the other hand, marble tiles are much easier to install and recreate the natural look.
  2. Expensive material:
    Generally, marble flooring costs more than ordinary tiles but the styling and unique patterns are worth more than what they cost. Marble tiles can be cheaper options than natural stones.
  3. Not resistant to scratches:
    Marbles can get stained and scratched and it would take professional maintenance to remove or reduce their effect. Marble tiles comparatively are more resistant to stains and scratches. The softness of the stone is the reason for their vulnerability to scratches, so a lot of care needs to be taken while using them.
  4. Slippery surface:
    Marble becomes more slippery once polished. It reduces the friction, thus making it less ideal for places where there is heavy traffic or wet spaces like the bathroom. It can prove to be a hazard and may cause accidents.
  5. Difficult to maintain:
    Are marble floors hard to maintain? It is a question that frequently triggers a decision. To answer it, marble surely needs to be maintained regularly. Such maintenance can cost you a lot of time and can be very expensive too. Marble tiles need less maintenance and are easier to clean.


Now that you know the pros and cons of marble flooring, choose suitable for your space and flooring project. In terms of looks, of course, there is a huge variety in terms of designs and colors but remember that the sophistication may come at a cost. Browse through Orientbell Tiles to find out what you like best. Also, tiles are easier to maintain and are cheaper relatively than natural stones so may work better for you. Know what you are getting into to ensure that you make the best of it.

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