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How to Select the Ideal Parking Tiles for Your Outdoor Spaces


Parking tiles, also called outdoor tiles, are an essential element in parking lots. You can find numerous parking tile designs in the market, including outdoor and indoor parking tiles. Read on to find out how to select the ideal parking tiles for your space. 

The Influence of Parking Tiles on Your Overall Exterior Appearance 

Cohesive Design

With the right tile selection for your parking space, you can develop a unified and appealing design across your outdoor space. This will help in connecting various elements within your property like driveways, pathways, and garden patios to provide a well-planned appearance to your building exteriors. 

Captivating Appeal

Parking tiles come in different choices with varying designs and textures. That’s why you can use them to create unique patterns and designs in your parking space. Choosing the appropriate tile designs can provide charm and distinctiveness to your property. 

Higher Property Prices

If you wish to raise your property value, you should maintain your exterior. Also, your exteriors are the first space your guests, visitors and even potential buyers enter before stepping into your home, creating the first impression on them. That’s why you should opt for parking tiles to accentuate your exteriors and boost your property’s curb appearance while maintaining a neat outdoor space and raising the value of your properties. 


Numerous parking tiles come with a fantastic feature that provides a comfortable walking experience and a non-skidding experience for vehicles. It is called anti-skid tiles. This feature offers safety, especially during rainy seasons or slippery situations. So, if you want to boost the safety element in your parking lot, you should get anti-skid parking tiles to lower the danger of accidents. 

Define Space

The right parking tiles can help you create defined spaces within your outdoor environment. That’s why you should go for tile options that can perform better in your property exteriors.  For example, you can choose indoor parking tiles for your shaded parking area, seating area, or garden patios to add some structure and order to the overall environment. 

Ideas for Parking Tiles 

Geometric Patterns

You can find multiple geometric tile designs in parking tiles with shapes like hexagons, chevrons, and herringbones. They often feature multiple colours to create an appealing design while breaking the monotonous look.

Greenery Integration

Sometimes, outdoor spaces lack greenery, and parking tiles with green designs are best for such areas. These tiles create an illusion of greenery in the space. 

Texture Variation 

Textured parking tiles provide both functional and aesthetical utilities. They are best for the safe movement of people and vehicles. 

Tips for Picking the Ideal Parking Tiles 

Material Selection and Durability

Selecting the right material for your parking tiles is crucial. After all, you have to pick a tile material that comes with the ability to withstand rough weather conditions outside. Also, you need to ensure that the tile material is robust enough to withstand heavy loads, high foot traffic, and vehicular traffic. These tiles also must have low porosity to protect the underneath surface from water damage. 

Slip Resistance 

Safety should be a top priority while selecting parking tiles. This is especially important if your property gets exposed to seasonal rains or other forms of precipitation. So, you must select tiles with textured surfaces, like anti-skid tiles to prevent accidents and injuries in your parking space.

Climate Resilience 

While picking parking tiles for your outdoor space or parking lot, you should consider the climatic conditions of your area. You have to choose the tiles according to the local weather conditions as not every tile can last long in extremely harsh temperatures. 

Aesthetics and Designs

While selecting the design or aesthetics of your outdoor or indoor parking tiles, you must pay attention to the tile colours, designs, and finishes that go well with your property’s exterior areas. You need to make sure that the colour, design, or finish that you choose complements the overall design and aesthetics while creating a sense of harmony and having an alluring appeal. 


While laying tiles in your parking space, you need to make sure that you have a solid installation strategy. If your parking tiles need sealing, you should do it to boost their robustness and stain resistance. The key to prolonging the performance of your parking tiles is installing them correctly. That’s why you should hire a professional tile installer for the job. 

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Hope you can now select the right tile designs for your parking space. Connect with Orientbell Tiles Boutique to explore different parking tiles. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Parking Tiles 

How to maintain parking tiles?

The upkeep needs of parking tiles vary depending on the tile type and the nature of the stain or dirt on the tile surface. However, you should prefer to buy low-upkeep-required tiles to effortlessly maintain them. To clean tile pavers, you should sweep the paver surfaces to remove the loose dirt and then scrub with warm water and mild soap using a soft bristle brush. For stubborn stains, use good-quality tile and grout cleaner. Follow the instructions of the tile manufacturers to avoid damaging the tile surfaces. 

What is the ideal thickness for parking tiles?

The thickness of the parking tiles may be different as different manufacturers manufacture them. Usually, parking tiles come 8 to 10 mm thick and are more robust than regular floor tiles. Orientbell Tiles’s parking tiles come with just the right thickness to withstand the heavy traffic and load of the vehicles. 

Which colour is best for parking tiles? 

While picking the right colour for your parking tiles, you should pick a colour that is more visible to drivers, especially if you have an indoor parking space or have low-light conditions. Bright and bold colours provide better visibility and increase safety. If your parking space receives a lot of sunlight, you prefer lighter colours to lower heat absorption and maintain a comfortable temperature.

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