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Anime Arataka Reigen Strongest Special Techniques, Ranked

Crowd Psycho 100 is back for a third season and things are simply beginning to warm up. Perhaps of the best person in the series, Arataka Reigen, has advanced as the story went on. He went from a straight-up swindler to one more thoughtful to his understudy’s, Horde, takes advantage of.

It’s great to see that Horde isn’t the main person that has developed all through this series. Reigen is certainly to a greater degree a comedic character anime pfp rather than a boss mystic like Crowd yet that doesn’t mean he is totally frail in Horde Psycho 100. These methods are probably the best he has shown such a long ways in the anime. There will be spoilers.

Salt Sprinkle

Reigen involving Salt Sprinkle in Horde Psycho 100

Reigen involves salt for different his exceptional assaults. Salt Sprinkle is the absolute first strategy he involves in the primary episode of Crowd Psycho 100 to avert a phantom. He figures out that table salt doesn’t hurt phantoms however which ought to be clear even to an extortionist.

Regardless of that, Reigen utilizes salt again in the principal episode this time with a Salt Punch. This phantom remaining parts courageous also yet fortunately Crowd is there to take care of his lord.

Reigen involving Realistic Expulsion in Crowd Psycho 100

This name might lose anime fans as it would appear to be a twisted procedure. The realistic in the title for this situation alludes to PC illustrations. Reigen cons this couple by saying he will free their lives of any spirits or that is essentially accepted in light of the fact that it happens offscreen.

The verification will be with their photographs as he guarantees they will evaporate when he is finished. What he doesn’t clarify for them is that he is just utilizing a Photoshop identical to delete these evil presences and phantoms from their recollections.

Magic Squash

Reigen utilizing Magic Squash in Crowd Psycho 100

Reigen has two different back rub related moves he utilizes on his clients. The first is in episode two of Horde Psycho 100 wherein he utilizes Magic Smash to “ward” away abhorrent spirits. The client wasn’t had by any means so fortunately this back rub strategy worked.

The other model comes later in season one, episode eight, with a female client whining about her shoulder. Reigen utilizes rock salt and a couple of back rub i’m feeling curious strategies to sanitize her body in an assault he calls Fragrance Runaway Express. Both “assaults” appear to have equivalent power to the extent that causing clients to feel revived.

Cheeseburger Cyclone

Reigen involving Cheeseburger Cyclone in Crowd Psycho 100

In episode six of Horde Psycho 100, a client comes in requesting that Reigen contact his dead dad. From the get go, things appear to be working out positively. The two are having a genuine trade until gears change and the child begins shouting at Reigen/his dad since he needs to know the protected combo.

Since Reigen isn’t directing this man’s dad without a doubt, he needs to think on the spot. All of Reigen’s comedy pieces aren’t working, so he chooses to uppercut the man rather hollering, “Cheeseburger Twister.” Reigen got this move from a Network program, probably something as per Power Officers.

Reigen involving Hostile to Esper Punt in Horde Psycho 100

Reigen is certainly not a powerless man by any stretch regardless of whether he isn’t an Esper. He’s not a weight lifter but rather he can take a hooligan out or two whenever cornered. At the point when things look dim in episode eleven of season one, Reigen comes charging all of a sudden and lands a punt on the seventh division head of Hook, Ishiguro.

It takes him out briefly and just after Reigen can sucker one more Hook part, Muraki, with his protected Entrancing Punch. The two assaults fall similarly of shock  health center 21 going after a rival apparently followed by taking off. These two assaults don’t win the battle generally speaking, yet it purchases Horde and the others an opportunity to recuperate.

Against Ownership Hopping Knee Strike

Reigen utilizing Hostile to Ownership Bouncing Knee Strike in Horde Psycho 100

This procedure is one of the most entertaining in the anime. It’s in the fourth episode of season two wherein the mystics around are all shouted to exorcize a little kid who has been moved by. At the point when this phantom beginnings zooming around, attempting to control others, Reigen plays out his procedure to a more seasoned mystic by the name of Kirin Jodo.

This knee to the stomach was hard to the point that Jodo plotted retribution against Reigen for the aggravation he endured. It’s actually Jodo’s problem for not seeing this strong soul in any case. Reigen was simply attempting to help.

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