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Top 7 Ways to Ensure Your Commercial Metal Building Lasts for Decades

Commercial Metal Building

Many have started seeing the benefit of steel used in construction. In the US, steel buildings can be traced back to the 1890s – the Rand McNally building was a steel framed skyscraper standing ten stories. Several pieces of architecture built during the late 1800s still exist.

The most famous of them all is the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. In the US, we have the Empire State Building in New York, the Sears Tower in Chicago, the US Steel Tower in Pittsburgh, etc. These iconic buildings have one thing in common – tons of steel in the form of the frame. So, how do these commercial metal buildings last so long? That’s what I will talk about here.

How do you make your metal building last for decades?

Clean Your Site After Installation 

Metal shaving might remain on your roof or around some nook & corner. Over time, they will rub against your external metal & remove paint, resulting in rusting. Ensure your industrial metal building is clean before you start using it.  

Choose Vertical Roofing

One of the advantages of choosing a vertical roof style is that it slides off all debris, rainwater, and snow as soon as they fall. This is due to the fact that in vertical roof panels, ridges run perpendicular towards the ground.

Further, the A-frame angle aids in getting rid of debris. It requires less cleaning than other metal panel options. The only downside, though, is that you have to add ridges cap to it. Even though it is expensive, it pays off in the long run.

To sum up, a vertical roof requires less cleaning and less maintenance but is expensive.

Monitor for Rusting

Going for galvanized steel for your commercial metal building would be best. It will help you to protect the metal from rusting or developing corrosion. You may notice rusting if any part of your steel structure is projected to water. So, what to do?

It would help if you keep your surroundings clean. Remove any water logging and cover any pit with soil in your surroundings. If you notice any small hole, you can use filler and paint it.

Refrain from writing on your metal panel with graphite. Over time, it will react with metal & corrode it.

Have Vents

We know checking for rusting sounds like some tedious work. So, here is what you can do to minimize the chances of corrosion in your industrial metal building – install vents & insulators. “But how is that going to help?” you may ask. Let’s see, though.

An insulator will prevent condensation – i.e., moisture retention in your metal panels. A vent will create proper air circulation by bringing in fresh air and removing warm & moist air. Blocking outdoor air can lead to foul, smelly indoors.

For a commercial or industrial metal building, it becomes crucial to bring down operational costs so you can choose to install passive vents that do not require power. For insulators, you can go for fiberglass; they are widely used & affordable option. In case you do not want additional add-ons, you can also choose a metal sandwich panel. It is an in-built insulator but is costly.

Regularly Oil Hinges

You must use oil hinges, especially in those parts that are constantly being used, like doors, windows & others. This will keep them functioning smoothly.

Spot Damage, Repair at Once

If you spot any minor damage, repair it immediately. Do not ignore any holes or rusting. You can apply a dry coating to prevent rust. Rust generally develops when oxygen in the air comes in contact with your metal. Although it does not spread, you must act promptly to avoid any further damage.

Regular Cleaning

Clean your commercial metal building in & out. This will make it more hygienic for work and prolong your metal structure life.

Do not forget to clean your trims & gutter. They might get jammed occasionally due to leaves or twigs. We understand that industrial metal structures are massive & cleaning them thoroughly will take a lot of time & money. So, what to do? You can schedule your cleaning service on weekends to save working hours.

You can go for pressure washing at the lowest setting for external areas.

Inform the Dealer Before Modification

In general, industrial metal buildings are large structures. So, modifying them requires professional construction workers.

If you need any modification, contact your dealer before renovating. It may lead to nullify the warranty of your commercial metal structure. Also, they will guide you on expanding your facility without violating local building codes & contracts.

Finally, Pick the Right Design

Are you buying metal structures for warehousing commercial goods? Or are you thinking of making it into an office or a manufacturing hub? Accessories needed will vary with the intent of use. For example, you may require an insulator if you want to house office staff. Your location also matters. If you live in a colder climate, you may need an additional HAVC system.

Have a Jolly Metal Barning!

You can see making a clear span barn last for decades is not rocket science. Most of the steps are just precautions & preventions. It does not involve any heavy investment to maintain your commercial metal buildings.

Steel structures do not require hefty upkeep. You can choose to upgrade your building length-wise without adding too much to operational costs. In case you need assistance, plenty of third-party cleaning companies offer their services at a competitive price. Do check them out.

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