JCB vs. Case: Construction Equipment Prices in India

JCB vs. Case Construction Equipment Prices in India

Regarding construction equipment, price is an important factor in decision-making. Let’s take a look at the prices of JCB and Case equipment:

JCB Equipment Cost: JCB equipment costs vary greatly depending on criteria such as model, capacity, and additional features. JCB has a wide range of construction machines, from tiny loaders to heavy-duty excavators.  

E.g., JCB 3DX Backhoe Loader, JCB 4DX Backhoe Loader, JCB 30 PLUS Excavator. JCB price in India normally starts at INR 10 Lakhs and can reach several crores for larger, more specialized models.

Case Equipment Cost: Case manufactures a wide range of construction equipment that is noted for its durability and adaptability. 

For example, the CASE 450 DX Compactor, the CASE 2050 M Dozer, and the CASE CX 220C LC Excavator. Case price in India starts from INR 15 lakhs and can go up to INR 2 crores for larger, more modern models.

JCB 130 Excavator

With an 80 HP engine, the JCB 130 is a powerful and efficient excavator. For stable operation, it has an operating weight of 12,800 kg. With a bucket capacity of 0.65 cum, the excavator can tackle various digging and material-handling jobs.

It incorporates a hydraulic system with a flow rate of 2 Lpm for smooth and effective operation. The JCB 130 has a maximum digging depth of 4,833 mm for digging deeper into the ground. Furthermore, the JCB 130 costs Rs. 39 Lakh (ex-showroom).

CASE CX 220C LC Excavator

The CASE CX 220C LC is built to industry-leading specifications, enhancing work efficiency. CASE’s Excavator model is one of the top construction equipment for heavy loading tasks.

You can get the CASE price in India and all of its specifications right here. Its engine produces a maximum torque of 132 NM and 157 HP. This engine additionally expands the scope of work output. This machine’s hydraulic system is rated at 2 Lpm.

This model’s ability to reach a total height of 6650MM provides for the maximum digging depth. It weighs 22220 kg when functioning. The functional weight of CASE boosts its efficiency in tough construction tasks.

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