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A Cruise Beginner’s Guide To Shore Excursions

You have now planned for your cruise, and you now have many tempting choices of the site you see on shore. If this is your first cruise, you want to know whether to go for an independent shore excursion or an organized one with a group. We are here to guide you through it and help you choose the best excursion.

Many cruise lines boost their profits by offering a variety of trips to shore. While there is nothing wrong with going for one, it will be wise to consider your options before you settle for any shore excursions. Let’s take a deep dive into some questions that you might have about shore excursions.

Will My Cruise Line Set Up Shore Excursions In The Port We Visit?

Yes. All cruise lines offer shore excursions—some in the form of bus tours or guided walks in areas around the ports. The excursions allow you to experience the local culture, history, and cuisine. You will also have a chance to experience fun activities such as zip-lining, snorkeling, and shopping. Some tours will only involve transportation to a nearby beach or city, and then you can do what you please once you get there.

Am I Required To Book A Shore Excursion To Get Off The Ship At The Port?

No. You need not book a shore excursion to get off the ship. You can disembark the ship and explore the port or the port city on foot or by public transport. Alternatively, you can book a tour with an independent company for a private tour or a large group. 

However, it is essential to remember that you are responsible for your safety if you decide to go alone. It is, therefore, essential to research before you go on your excursions. You will also need to ensure you return to the ship on time.

How Much Do The Shore Excursion Cost?

Many cruise lines have an extra charge for shore excursions. The price often differs based on the distance you travel and the activities you participate in. Luxury and river lines will include the shore excursion fee on their fares. Often, you will take part in the basic city tours for free, but you will incur an extra charge if you want to participate in extra activity excursions.

How Do I Book An Independent Shore Excursion?

There are two types of shore excursions. The cruise line sponsored and the independent one. If you do not want to book through the cruise line, you can book one through a private provider available at the port you visit.

Please note that if your independent tour is running late to get back to the pier, your ship is not obligated to wait for you. However, they will wait for a cruise-line sponsored tour.

How Do I Book A Cruise-Line Sponsored Excursion?

You can book a shore excursion online via the cruise line’s website. You can also book through the phone before embarkation through the cruise line or your travel agent. Alternatively, you can wait until you are onboard and visit the shore excursion desk where you will get someone to assist by choosing a tour that matches your physical ability, interests, and budget.

Please note that if you book the trip in advance, you will pay through your credit card. However, if you book while onboard, the cost of the trip will be added to your cruise bill.

Will There Be Lunch During The Shore Excursion?

This only depends on the tour your book. Many excursions will include some meal or snack. Be sure to read through the description of the tours thoroughly to know what is included in the trip so you can plan accordingly.

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