5 Unique Ideas to Make Your Custom Retail Display Stand Out

If you sell women’s jewelry in a relatively large space and share that space with several other jewelers, what makes your retail display stand out over any others?

Therein lies the challenge for those displaying their retail products at trade shows, exhibitions, fairs, etc. What can you do to increase foot traffic and sales?

Whether it’s kiosks, counters or racks, your best option is to get creative with your display. Here are four ideas:

1. Multi-Sensory Brand Experiences

Say you sell luxury perfumes. You could design your display to include scent diffusers that release pleasant fragrances, provide tactile elements for customers to touch and feel the product packaging, and play soft, ambient music that complements your brand identity. 

Go beyond visual appeal and incorporate multi-sensory experiences into your custom retail displays. Engage customers’ senses of touch, smell, and sound to create a captivating and memorable brand experience. 

2. Interactive Storytelling

Capture customers’ attention and immerse them in your brand’s story through interactive storytelling within your retail display. Use creative and interactive elements to showcase your brand’s journey, values, and product development process. For example, you can incorporate digital screens or touch panels that allow customers to explore different chapters of your brand’s story, watch behind-the-scenes videos, or participate in interactive quizzes related to your products. 

3. Gamification and Rewards

Create interactive games or challenges related to your products where customers can participate and win rewards or discounts. Prize wheels are a “low-tech” but still effective example. Or say you’re selling sporting goods and apparel. If you have the space, rent out a putting green. These types of games challenge your visitors in a fun way – all the way immersing them in your brand.

4. Interactive Product Customization

Customers can personalize and customize products directly within your retail display. Create interactive stations or digital interfaces where customers can choose from various design options, colors, or features to customize their desired product. Here’s how that would work. If, for example, you sell footwear, then you could provide a touchscreen display where customers can select different shoe materials, colors, and patterns to create their unique designs. This interactive customization experience enhances customer engagement and allows them to create a one-of-a-kind product.

5. Themed Photo Booth

Create a themed photo booth within your retail display to engage customers and encourage social sharing. Set up a designated area with props, backdrops, and decorations. Customers can step into the booth, strike a pose, and take fun photos that capture their enthusiasm for your brand. And again, this is great for social sharing.

Trust the experts

Standing out is everyone’s goal. After all, your prices could be better and your products or services superior to your competition, but it won’t matter if you can’t attract attention to your brand.

But that’s easier said than done when it comes to retail display. If you need help designing your display or have questions about rental options, contact your local trade show display company. And ask them for more suggestions on how you can get your retail display to stand out!

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