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Best Android App Calendar For Android 2023

Best Android App Calendar

Calendar apps are useful for displaying the date, month, and year. In addition, you can use it to track birthdays and family events. The device also comes with a stock app, but it isn’t very functional.

Today there are so many great calendar apps you can download on your device because the technology behind these apps has evolved over the years.

Best Android App Calendar

You can now customize your calendar theme and more using a number of calendar apps. You can track upcoming events easily and keep track of your events. It is possible to find various amazing calendar apps on the market. Let’s begin.

Best Android App Calendar: Calendar.AI

It is especially popular among employers because it is free. Many great features in it make life much easier than ever before. For example, it has an advanced algorithm system. Its features include smart polls for meeting attendees, a smart scheduling system, and many others.

Data from the internet are automatically gathered and managed to ensure their safety and security. The user interface is beautiful. Share information with clients, teammates, or partners through LinkedIn and Google Suite integrations. This app supports Android devices. Organizes and notifies you of all important events automatically.


An Android calendar app called aCalendar is very popular. It is free / $5.99. You can see the date, set reminders, organize events, and more. Moreover, you can customize the application.

A Google calendar is supported, a task list is included, themes are available, and there are even more special features to explore. This app offers more features in its paid version. This app offers extra benefits if you spend money on it. A pro version of the app is available for a small fee. Tasks and Calendar

The Tasks and Calendar app for Android is free and costs from $2.09 to $2.99 per month (billed annually). Using the basic calendar features and creating to-do lists is easy with this app.
Calendars are displayed in a large format. As well as Facebook, Outlook, and Google calendars, it supports Google Calendar as well. Social media lovers will love this calendar. The user interface looks amazing.

Amazing features and well-organized events. There are two versions of the software: a free version and a paid version. Hardcore productivity people should upgrade to the paid version. Get extra benefits when you download it for free.

Business Calendar 2

Free or $6.99, Business Calendar 2 features good features and allows customizations. The calendar offers more than 20 themes. In addition, home screen widgets include 7 different calendars.

Various themes are available for calendar views. Calendars from Google and Exchange are supported. Each date includes weather information as well. Events for the family can be easily organized. This free app offers some features, but there is also a premium version. It can be customized easily, and widgets can be added to the screen.

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Calendar Notify

A new calendar application for Android, Calendar Notify, is free / up to $5.45. With it, you can customize the calendar’s appearance to suit your tastes. Using it is simple and easy thanks to its attractive user interface.

Extra customization features are available in the premium version. Widgets are available for use on the home page. It has a calendar view and a big draw. It is easy to see upcoming events and big dates. There are no issues with downloading it, and it is completely free.

Calendar Widget by Home Agenda

Home Agenda’s Calendar Widget for Android costs $1.99. Reminders are not included, but it works with Google calendar. Using it is easy due to its easy-to-use interface.

The home screen can be customized with calendar widgets. Changes can be made in event settings, such as hiding and showing widgets. Calendar themes can also be changed. The app is not free, but it is well worth your money. It is available on the Google Play Store for download and installation. Please create your widgets and customize them easily.


CalenGoo is a helpful and popular calendar app that is free / $5.99. Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar can be accessed through the app. Extra features can be added easily to the app. Reminders and event options are decent.

Moreover, you can share your calendar with others. A free version can be used as a trial, but a paid version is available. If you have a Google Play Pass, it is free to use.

DigiCal Calendar Agenda

A free calendar app on the Android platform, DigiCal Clanedar Agenda is a free solid calendar application. It has a beautiful user interface and supports dark themes. The big frame provides a clear overview. Over 500,000 events, including sports calendars, TV schedules, and more, are listed.

It’s free, but you can purchase the pro version for more features. A calendar app like this runs smoothly and flawlessly without any bugs.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is not included in the list because it is free. However, other calendar apps use it as a de facto standard. For example, many Android devices come with this app as a stock app. In addition, many calendar applications are directly integrated with it.

The customization options are limited. The user interface is good, and the theme is simple. Good add-ons are available for the calendar. Keeping the performance optimized requires regular updates. Because it is a free app, there are no in-app purchases.

Simple Calendar Pro

Simple Calendar Pro connects to no external calendar, such as Google Calendar or Exchange Calendar, and its price is $0.99. It also supports CalDAV.

Free versions of this app are no longer available. Currently, it is a paid app, but it is worth purchasing. The user interface is minimalistic. Start using a bug-free calendar today by downloading it for free.

Other Apps with Integrated Calendars

Calendar apps with free features are awesome and come with great features. Calendar apps are so widespread because they make them easy to use. In addition, calendar apps that integrate with other calendars, including Google Calendar and Exchange Calendar, are available.

It could be a more powerful calendar, but it provides much functionality. You can download a lot of free calendars from the Google Play store. A great calendar is built into Facebook. To-do lists and calendars can be kept organized with TickTick’s calendar. Choose the best calendar app by checking all the available apps.

Stock Calendar Apps

The stock calendar app is available on all Android devices for free. Performance is usually good with these stock apps. Stock calendars allow you to see dates, view reminders, view events, and create to-do lists, but many people want themes and customization features.

Calendar apps with awesome features can be found in the Google Play Store. Many of these apps are freely available, and they are easy to download. You can purchase a pro version of these calendar apps if you want premium features and support.

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