So Tarsar Marsar trek is itself very special and great and it doesn’t need  any such highlights according to which you can decide whether to go or not to this trek. It is in Kashmir the most beautiful place in India which according to me is enough reason to add this trek in your list if you haven’t added it till now. The Tarsar Marsar trek has everything which you feel you need in any trek it has beautiful royal blue coloured rivers where you will get a chance to do a camping, the Tarsar Marsar trek has huge grey coloured valleys which is treat for eyes to watch, this trek is usually done in the beginning of the july to the beginning of the september

But the main highlights of Tarsar Marsar trek according to me because of which you just can’t miss this trek is  mentioned below:-


So if you like the lakes and the intimacy of it, this trek is definitely for you. Because you will not have such lakes and most importantly you will not camp beside the lake which is like the best thing about this trek. You can camp you will get to place your tent on the edge of the shore of Tarsar, Marsar, and Sundarshar lake just imagine watching green grass of these lakes the royal and dark blue colour of the water which has some snow patches in it i bet that sight like this will want to miss and if you are going for this trek then you just can’t sleep after watching the beauty lakes this place have so if you love beach then ditch regular beach where everyone goes and try Marsar lake where you can enjoy mountains and lakes at the same time.


This part of the trek is the best part of the entire trek excluding lakes. It is like the hidden beauty of this place. It’s a top secret section of this trek. You will find it like an hour before you reach the Sundarsar. It is forming a giant crystal clear pool in the base of it. It has a rushing stream going down which is extremely quiet. And on the other side you will find the grasslands covering the entire ground which will make the view even more beautiful. From a distance it will look like a scene from any western movie. Water falls down, and you will find grasslands as far as your eyes can see, sheeps and horses grazing peacefully. Trust me this sight is just gonna take your heart away.


Shekwas campsite is just amazing. You are gonna just love the setting there and will see grass as far as your eyes can see. You can climb, climb and just climb but the soft grass is not gonna end. After watching and camping in Shekwas campsite you will get to know why Kashmir is known as heaven on earth. This place is just mind blowing that you will know after coming here and experience it yourself.


The super amazing and super friendly huts for your rest and basic snacks which have super friendly people is one of the major highlights of this trek. In this you can stop while trekking for some tea and snacks which you are gonna love because all the people are extremely sweet and as they also love interacting and helping the tourist which make your time in these huts with these peoples even more memorable. You can visit this place to cut the negativity in your life and meet these super sweet people here.


This one trek is enough to give you experience of different treks as you will experience everything at this one trek. This trek has lakes, mountains, waterfall, valleys, different mountains to trek on, and most importantly camping near the Tarsar and Marsar lake what more you want and need from a single trek also it is not very long and difficult which makes it even more doable for everyone.


Now, I think I have given you enough highlights about this place. And I know that now after reading and knowing everything about tarsar and marsar trek it is hard for you to resist yourself from going on this trek. So what you are waiting for just plan your trip for Tarsar Marsar trek now with your friends, family or just with you.


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