Here’s What Else You Should Be Carrying If You Tote an Airsoft Shotgun

You might think airsoft shotguns for sale are a gimmick. They’re not. Often they are just as powerful as electric-powered airsoft rifles that are much more impressive on paper.

Still, the pump-action of most airsoft shotguns for sale slows down their rate of fire, and some of them use shell magazines that are, shall we say, rather easy to deplete when compared to some hi-cap AEG mags.

Nonetheless, both spring-powered and gas-powered airsoft shotguns are still useful tools. They can be carried by airsoft players and effectively used to “sweep” out trenches and bunkers, and they can be useful in CQB, too. They’re also practical for training purposes.

But, if you carry one, you’d better be prepared with some of these essential airsoft accessories that will help to compensate for the slow rate of fire and other limitations of some airsoft shotguns.

A Fast and Powerful Sidearm with Good Capacity

Despite the power of an airsoft shotgun, the slow rate of fire means you’ll want a fast backup you can call on if you ever need it.

Gas blowback, or GBB airsoft pistols, offer much higher rates of fire than most airsoft shotguns. Some, like the Action Army AAP-01, even offer fully-automatic firing modes, which offer a nice supplement to the pump-action limitation of most airsoft shotguns.

An Airsoft Sling

The need to be able to work two different platforms opportunistically means airsoft gun retention is critical.

For most players, this equates to an airsoft sling. Get one and attach it to the sling mounts on your airsoft shotgun so if you ever need to draw your sidearm, you won’t lose your main one.

A WML (on the Airsoft Shotgun)

The element of surprise is a huge element to have in your camp for CQB, especially if you’re playing with a platform like an airsoft shotgun that doesn’t have semi or full-auto capabilities.

Most airsoft shotguns are rail equipped and those that aren’t can be customized with an adapter. Get a powerful WML – 1000 lumens or higher – and drop that on the rail, as it can be used to startle and confuse opponents.

Extra Shells and a Carrier

While the shells that airsoft shotguns use as magazines are cool, they definitely have their limitations.

Carrying extra (loaded) shell mags is a must. Either get a sidesaddle mount for your airsoft shotgun and keep them there or get a shell belt or a bandolier.

Airsoft Smoke Grenades

Last but not least, airsoft smoke grenades can offer a lot of value to players that use airsoft shotguns.

Smoke grenades can be used for communication and signaling, even over great distances, but for the airsoft scatter gunner, they offer concealment.

If you’re ever in a situation in which you’re outmatched and need to beat a retreat, tossing a smoke grenade in your wake as you beat it can help cover your tail.

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