Sandakphu trekking: here is all you need to know about the trek

sandakphu trek

Sandakphu trekking journey unfolds a stunning- outlook of the 4 altitudinous mountain peaks in the world! From the snow- limited peaks of Nepal to Bhutan and farther east in Tibet, you’ll get to see an grand snowline, especially the sleeping Buddha conformation of peaks. 


 At an altitude of,930 ft, this is one of the amazing journeys that presents the view of not one but four 8000 m peaks- The altitudinous mountain peak in the world,Mt. Everest(,849 m) withMt. Lhotse( 8516 m) andMt. Makalu( 8463 m), the fourth and fifth loftiest peaks, to the left wing of Everest andMt. Kanchenjunga( 8586 m), the third-loftiest mountain, on the right. Together they make the legendary’ Sleeping Buddha’ conformation. 



 The journey takes place within the Singalila National Park, also giving you an preface to the rich biodiversity of the region. You get to see native wildlife and raspberry species, invoking the interest of the naturalists out there. 


 Our journey route lies along a line that’s dotted with numerous antique Himalayan townlets that are inhabited indeed in the deep of layoffs. So, you get to have a peep into the life in those remote zones. And since these townlets largely depend on tourism for their livelihood, our journey route largely benefits the original communities as well. 


 This view remains with you on utmost days of the journey and from. The unstopped view of such a beautiful conformation is sure to steal your heart as well! 


 The Grand Vision Of Kanchenjunga 

 Watching the daylight over the snow- ensconced peak of Kanchenjunga and other similar high peaks is an incredibly surreal experience. As you Kanchenjunga Range becomes bigger and sharper and it appears in its grim glory. At daylight and evening, the gold and amber sun shafts strike the peaks of the Kanchenjunga Range making it appear as if molten gold. This is one of the most prized views on the journey. 


 approach the Sandakphu peak, the Dates The Scenic Samanden And Aal Village 


The wholeness of the Sandakphu Trek is steeped in natural beauty and en route to the peak, you’ll cross numerous fascinating Himalayan townlets and Samanden and Aal being two of them. Both of these townlets are exquisitely beautiful. The gorgeous village of Samanden seems straight out of a dream. With stretches of cropland each around and girdled by mountain views, Samanden is straight out of a card. Aal is also a comforting vill that presents awful mountain decor and a beautiful evening view. These two townlets en route to Sandakphu are surely a shutterbugs delight. 


 What Can You Anticipate At The Trek? 

 This is one of the veritably many journeys on the earth that’s a edge point for a cluster of 8000 m peaks. On your left wing is the Everest cluster,Mt. Everest(,849 m),Mt. Lhotse( 8516 m), andMt. Makalu(,463 m). On the right side lies the third loftiest peak in the world,Mt. Kanchenjunga(,586 m) with its family of peaks. All these mountains together form the notorious’ Sleeping Buddha conformation’. You can see the Everest cluster only from Sandakphu and beyond, still, the view of the sleeping Buddha starts from the first day of the journey itself and stays until about the 4th or 5th day of the journey. 



 During your journey, you’ll get the unique experience of living in teahouses. Teahouse journeys are common in Nepal and it’s great to see such an experience in an Indian journey. Along the journey, you’re walking on a veritably high point so you’ll notice pall banks on either side of you. The sun rises and sets on the banks of these shadows, and that’s one of the most spectacular sights to watch. 


 The journey runs nearly all time round, around 8 to 9 months, except the thunderstorm season and every season presents a unique flavor. In Spring, you’ll substantiation Magnolias and Rhododendrons while afterlife presents a beautiful golden alpenglow over a mild downtime setting. Spring temperature is around 15 °C to 20 °C during the day and at night the temperature drops close to 1 °C to 5 °C. 



Sandakphu Trek is a difficulty level

bone and doesn’t have any specialized section as similar, it’s suitable both for newcomers as well as seasoned pedestrians and the trail is also well laid out. Starting at an altitude of,400 ft at Sepi, you’ll go to an altitude of 12000ft. and it also doesn’t have any big climbs or descents on a day- to- day base. The temperature at high mound can change drastically so it’s recommended to subcaste duly so that you’re comfortable throughout the journey.  The journey is prone to heavy winds so there are chances of mild hypothermia or indeed AMS. So, subcaste up consequently.

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