What you should know about the difference between SEO and SMM Traffic?


Both SEO and SMM are intended to increase traffic to a website, relates to a particular brand or business. And while both are valuable in their own ways, the ultimate goal of the website is generally to be optimized to better match search engine traffic.

The Purpose of Social Media Marketing in a Digital Marketing Strategy (Compared to SEO)

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when running a social media campaign (SMM) is lacking a clear purpose behind it. On many occasions, both in the physical and digital space, decision-makers do not realize the real purpose of a hot new business practice. This couldn’t be clearer in the age of social media and website optimization.

For most businesses, traffic and conversion are two tangible metrics that help them make a decision about which digital strategy to pursue. And in most cases, the long-term results of SEO are undeniable compare to short-lived traffic boosts from social media, SMM company Birmingham.

Where social media shines, though, is in the brand-building department. While you can target a specific keyword and optimize your website to best represent your brand, the limitations compare to social media platforms are obvious.

Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like, a business can expand its operations through brand-based marketing that often translates to increased reach and recognition. Depending on the goals set for a given period, a larger investment in one of the two options might be better for a company.

Delivering results in terms of traffic

Excluding the different aspects of both digital services, in terms of traffic to a website, SEO, and SMM both have certain pros and cons.

For starters, a social media marketing strategy can generate a huge boost of traffic over a short period of time. However, for the increase to be sustaining and growth to be constant, the strategy requires a large investment of resources on a regular basis.

By the time you lose relevance, no matter the size of the audience achieve, it’s pretty hard to get the same engagement without post-promotion, that is, as long as posts are made regularly, traffic and engagement will increase, but as soon as this stops being done, that traffic will drop rapidly.

The downside of SEO comes with the fact that traffic is expected only through natural searches, SMM which are out of a company’s control. With SEO, you are quite dedicates to the target audience of your choice and have no flexibility when it comes to content.

Also, changes in branding, operation, and even products can greatly affect your SEO strategy, SEO training institute Birmingham.

Working as a social media influencer or part of a digital marketing agency, it’s your job to help your client realize the potential of social media platforms SMM. Instead of focusing solely on the platforms themselves, try and evaluate the bigger picture. Offer audience behavior insights your customer can’t get anywhere else. Give them detailed analytics on how increasing social media performance leads to better, tangible results.

How traffic from social networks differs from natural traffic driven by SEO

There are a number of ways that traffic from social media differs from SEO-driven organic traffic. Let’s discuss the matter a bit more in-depth.

Research vs. Natural Commitment

One of the biggest differences in traffic comes from the notion of how people use search engines versus how they interact with social media platforms (SMM). Search engines are often uses for research purposes and are the first service people interact with when they need to find specific information on a certain topic, SEO Birmingham. The same is true for people looking for better information about a service or a product.

Social networks are quite different in the sense that people are not looking for anything specific in particular. Instead, they visit such platforms for a variety of purposes, often going back to entertainment and socializing. In a sense, people actively participate.

That is why the traffic that comes from social networks is usually related to a quick interest in a particular piece of content, a Digital marketing firm in Birmingham. The difference is that this does not reflect any long-term interest or potential for a long-term commitment. When it comes to website optimization, Digital marketing course in Birmingham it’s best to think of social media traffic in terms of quick, impulsive decisions.

Highly personalized, but pervasive

The second difference is that social networks are highly personalizing. This generates traffic, which is heavily investing in the topic at hand. The same cannot say for SEO traffic.

While this might seem contrary to the above, it’s good to note the difference between a long-term commitment in terms of research (with SEO) and a lack of it (in terms of SMM), when it comes to particular topics. At the same time, an SMM visitor is highly engaged in a particular topic, due to the personalization of social media platforms, which is not true for search engine traffic.

The visitor who has already engaged

Last but not least, with social media, a business receives traffic that is already engaged. Think about the people who click to learn more about a service, after receiving an ad on Facebook.

In general, SEO traffic needs to be presented with more information, in the introductory sense, about the business, and it usually takes longer for them to translate into a conversion. At the same time, the traffic that comes from social media has already been engaged with the brand and/or business to a particular degree and does not necessarily need to be introduced to that business/service/product in question.

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