How To Feed A Baby : Get Ready For Newborn Feeding

How To Feed A Baby

Parenting journey is exciting. It is full of wonderful moments. When a couple is looking forward to receiving their bundle of joy, the mom should also prepare for feeding and taking care of her adorable and cute baby. This is why we share this post with advice for new moms. Getting ready for feeding your newborn is essential before his or her arrival to start it right from day one. Therefore learn how to feed a baby for an exciting and memorable parenting experience!

Being a mom for the first time, you might feel at stake when it is time to feed your baby, right? However, you are not the only one on the way. Many first-time moms like you find it difficult to be synchronized with the need of the baby.

So, there is nothing wrong, and you do not need to feel out of the world if you do not know how to feed a baby. Here is how to do the job and keep pace with the baby. Let’s get started! And, one more thing. When you start feeding right from day one, you will know much better about facing challenges in the future along the way of your parental journey. From breastfeeding a teething baby to understanding his clues of hunger, you will sooner become an expert parent!

How to Feed A Baby: Know The Basics

The very first thing you could do as a mom is- learn the feeding basics when you were in the hospital. There you had the opportunity to know how many times you need to feed your baby, how frequently you should feed, etc. from the expert nurses or pediatricians. Again, if you have planned to bottle-feed your child, you could have known how to hold the bottle, wash the bottle, or how prepare formula feeding, etc.

As a mom, it is your duty to feed your baby timely. It is also known that a well-fed baby will sleep peacefully throughout the night. Moreover, you need to know how to keep the commitment around the clock. Here are some quick feeding hacks you can try.

Tips for Newborn feeding

Breast Feeding Is Ideal:

You can either breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby. You are free to do and decide whatever you are comfortable on feeding your baby. But, the truth is- breastfeeding is ideal for the baby, and there is nothing that can be a substitute for breast milk. This is a reason for many moms to get ready for breastfeeding when they know they are expecting a new arrival. This can be an exciting experience! A mom who breastfed never gets regretted!

Also, breast milk is easier to digest for the baby compared to formula. Breastfeeding also provides you with the advantage to build stronger bonding with the kid from the very beginning. However, you can go for formula feeding if you are unable to breastfeed your kiddo.

Feed On Demand:

No matter whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, you only need to feed the baby when it is hungry. Naturally, you will need to feed the baby 8 to 12 times a day based on the demand of your child. Check out the rocking chair it will help you feed your baby. You need to feed your baby a few times a day. Babies do not eat solids and they depend only on what you feed them. This way you need to feed them when he needs another feed or when you see clues of hunger. Again, you might need to feed your baby within just an hour and a half to two after each feeding, as breast milk is easy to digest.

Keep Your Eyes On:

To make sure your baby is fed timely, you need to keep your eyes on even when your baby is taking a nap. Babies don’t only make a cry when they are hungry. They also make sucking sounds, open their mouths, or even put their tiny fingers into their mouth.

All these activities of your dear little child can be taken as a signal for its hunger. So, keep your eyes on and track the movement of your baby.

Following the tips stated above, you will build a feeding routine naturally for the baby. Also, you will come to know How to Feed a Baby with the passage of time.

However, if you come up with any trouble feeding your baby, be it breastfeeding or formula feeding, don’t delay to consult a lactation expert or your baby’s doctor. Make sure your baby is getting enough milk when you are breastfeeding.

We hope these tips are helpful for you to understand more about feeding a baby.

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