How To Draw A Mason Jar

How To Draw A Mason Jar

How To Draw A Mason Jar. Mason jars are commonplace in many homes, and the variety of things that can be stored inside is seemingly limitless. From jams and spreads to candy and even beverages, you can trust a mason jar to keep contents nice and safe. We’ve all seen many mason jars throughout the year, but surprisingly, they can be tricky to draw. This makes a guide on how to draw a mason jar very useful for anyone up for the challenge.

This is just a guide, so if you’re one of those people, then you’ve come to the right place! We hope you enjoy learning how to draw a mason jar with us through this step-by-step guide. You can draw many more characters like goku drawing easy, Anubis drawing, cat drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more drawing for kids.

Step 1:

We’ll keep things simple for this first step of our guide on drawing a mason jar. To start we’ll start by drawing the pot itself. This can be drawn with a rounded line that curves slightly at the top, upside down, and then curves towards the flat base. Once you’ve drawn one half, you can repeat the same process for the second half of the mason jar. That’s all you need to do for this step, so once you’ve drawn this section of the jar, we can move on to step two of the guide.

Step 2:

We will focus on the lid for this Mason Jar Drawing Submission step. The lid is perhaps the trickiest part of the design, as it has many grooves that help it screw onto the jar. As this can be tricky, we’ll take it easy while focusing on this cover. This means that we will start with the first part of the cover. You can draw a curved horizontal line using the reference image to guide you to its location. Try to make it as smooth and even as possible to match our example. Finally, add another small curved line on each side of the lid. There will be a relatively large gap between the top of the lid and the jar; we are now ready to add it.

Step 3:

We will continue drawing the lid in this step of our guide to drawing a mason jar. Draw a thin oval shape inside the lid below the top line you drew in the previous part. However, leave a small gap at the bottom center of this oval. Next, draw two well-formed curved lines below the ones you have already drawn, leaving space between them.

Step 4:

In this step, you can continue adding details to the lid of your mason jar design. Start by drawing a small shape in the center of the lid section you have already drawn. This shape will have straight lines at the top and bottom and curved vertical lines on both sides. The reference image will show you how it should be shaped and placed. Finally, we’ll add a few more curved horizontal lines to the bottom of the lid where it connects to the jar. There will still be a few gaps, but we’ll fill them in with some final details soon!

Step 5:

This step in our guide to drawing a mason jar will be to add a few final details before coloring it. First, finish off the cap by adding more curved line details, which will also help fill in the final space of the cap. Next, we’ll add vertical curved lines to the sides of the pot, then finish by adding rounded lines near the inside of the base. Once these final details have been drawn, you can add your touches! A fun idea would be to draw something contained inside the mason jar. What type of food or items would you store in this jar? You can show it to us by drawing it inside to finish it!

Step 6:

For the final step of drawing your mason jar, we’ll finish it off with some colors. Our reference image used grays for the lid to give it a more metallic look. Next, for the jar glass, we used different shades of blue to create a transparent, reflective look on the glass. If you drew something inside the jar, add colors! Watercolor paints would be ideal for creating a softer color for the glass, but you can also use more vibrant mediums for an equally great look. What will you choose for your mason jar design?

Finished Drawing!

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